Cafe Hopping in Barcelona


So we walked and walked and decided to just cafe hop.

While looking for awesome recommendations on Foursquare, we say this! Quite impressive looking coliseum.

Then both Lester and I stopped on the street. Looking shocked. Cos someone hung a big white apple on that building.

Stopped by the MWC venue to check out the place.

Did the S-Curve!

Finally back in town to check out one of the cafes.

Coffee was bad lol

Honor 6 In Malaysia: Thoughts & Review [Video]


Just few days ago I showed you guys the unboxing of my new toy, the Honor 6. Now that I’ve used it for quite a few days, I wanna share with you some of the things worth mentioning about the device that makes it really good.

Before we move on, let’s check out the specs:

OS: Android 4.4
Display: 5″ Full HD 1080p
Camera: 13MP F2.0
CPU: Octa-Core
Memory: 3GB RAM
Storage: 16GB (Supports MicroSD up to 32GB)

One of the things to start with is the built quality. The full glass front and back makes it feel and look very premium. The device is surprisingly very light. It weighs only about 130g with battery. The sides are silver metallic plastic bands which can pass off as faux metal.

Here’s how the white Honor 6 blends into my white table. Looking elegant under the morning sun ray.

The 13MP F2.0 camera is considered superb for a device at this price point. Imaged are sharp and vibrant. Low light photos are acceptable with some noise. Close ups are FANTASTIC. It can go very close to the subject and focusing works everytime.
One thing to mention is that the focusing might sometimes be not accurate even under bright lighting conditions. So it is advisable to review photos you shot to be confirmed.

Here are some sample photos from the camera.

Photos above were close up, low light and random daylight shot.

Knowing that the Honor 6 is powered by 8-Core CPU and 3GB RAM, gaming was not a worry. It performed really well and there was no lag at all even when I was playing intensive graphics 3D games. You can check out the review video below for a glimpse.
Oh, and the speaker is really loud too! Perfect for gaming.

If you want to find out more about the Honor 6, head over to and you can even buy one from there too!

Exploring the streets of Barcelona


After we were done with McDonald’s, we decided to just roam around town to check out the streets and surroudings.

I looked up and saw this. Fuh!

That’s Lester, walking very quickly lol

I then stopped him to help me take this shot.

I actually stood here for like 10 minutes to wait for the perfect moment to snap an Instagram

Lester was so awesome cos he has an iPhone and knows how to use maps and stuff.

OK where to go next? Stay tuned.

Unboxing the Honor 6 In Malaysia [Video]


Look Ma.. new toy!

So I just got the Honor 6 three days ago and I was so excited I recorded the unboxing the next morning the moment I woke up. OK so before we move on, let’s check out the specs!

OS: Android 4.4
Processor: 8-Core Kirin 920
Memory: 3GB RAM
Storage: 16GB (Supports MicroSD up to 32GB)
Screen: 5-Inch Full HD 1080p
Camera: 13MP back, 5MP back
Battery: 3100mAH

Now for the unboxing!

The Honor 6 comes in the signature teal-coloured Honor packaging. The accesories are nicely fitted in partitions. Love the all white treatment.

This is so cool. They even provided 2 screen protectors for the Honor 6! One for the front and another for the back. I think these are important cos.. you know, the Honor 6 is made of full glass front and back.

This is a must-do for every unboxing. Peeling off the plastic sheet. Check out the ‘peeling sound’ in the video below ok?

The familiar Android setup screen.

I really love the built of the Honor 6. Full glass back gives it a very delicate yet premium look. Speaker grill somehow looks very modern here.

Fully set up. The Emotion UI 2.3 looks very fresh and vibrant. Cant wait to update it to version 3.0 for more awesome features. Stay tuned for my review which is coming in a few days time! More photos of the Honor 6 on my INSTAGRAM.

The Honor 6 will be available in Malaysia for RM999 starting 16 October 2014. Pre-book is happening now so if you are interested, you can register yourself without even paying! That is really AWESOME.
Head to now!

The search for lunch in Barcelona


As Lester and I were the earliest 2 to arrive, we went for a walk after checking in to the hotel.

We were hungry and without thinking of what to eat, both were thinking of the same thing, ‘let’s check out their McDonalds!’.

We took the subway to the city. That’s Lester checking out maps on this phone.

Me posing while waiting for the train to come.

So now we know, it’s called TMB.

As we came out from the station, we saw Starbucks! lol

The Mcdonald’s was near. Took us a few minutes walk. Weather was awesome. Sky so blue wow!

The Mcdonald’s menu. So diff from Asia. LOVE IT!

After eating, it was time to go for a walk again. Check out the HD view of the street!

More photos next.

From Kuala Lumpur To Barcelona


- How long does it take to fly from KL to Barcelona?
- Well, not very long.. around 15 hours? LOL and has to transit at Amsterdam too. So yea. Not very long :D

Just a while back, I was invited by Nokia to attend Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. So this post will initiate the never-ending photos of the whole trip.

Let’s start of with this shot in the plane.

I’m always excited when travelling alone. Do you?

After like 13 hours in the air, I finally landed at Schipol airport, Amsterdam. It was my 2nd time here and everything still looks the same yo!

Had an hour to spend so checked out souvenirs. These tshirts basically sum up Amsterdam: weed + red light districts.

Arrived at Barcelona airport. Welcomed by this person sent by Nokia. She guided me to the lil van that brought me to the hotel.

Checked into my room and buzzed Lester to see if he has arrived from Singapore. He did!

So we went for a walk in town cos both of us were there 1 day earlier.

More photos next!

Let’s Go To Barcelona!


Join me as I bring you along to Barcelona in my next post!

Coffea Burgertory Kwan!


So after all the temple, visiting and Penang action, it was time to have some random meetups and makan outings to end CNY. Here are 3 towards the end of the festive.

Met up with Eujuin when he came back to KL. Had coffee at Coffea.

CNY closing lousang at Madan Kwan!

Social teammates.

Coffee with Davies at Garage51

Dinner at Burgertory SS15. One of the best indie burger place I’ve been to in KL.

#YoutubeSaturday » Korean Battle, Blending iPhone 6, Chet Faker


More videos like this on TECHDUOLOGY

Still nice to see after so long.

Chet Faker’s new song is gold.

Asians Visiting One Another & Doing ‘HairSmiles’ Is Normal


So continuing from all the red lanterns hanging from top, we have asians visiting each other and consuming food from one another’s houses.

We visited Jessy’s house in the morning to kick start the CNY visiting activity.

Lunch was at Taman Desa. We had the awesome fish head noodles!

Then it was time for everyone to visit my house and consume all my tidbits.

Asians do celebrate birthdays too. Often times big giant huge glass of milktea will be involved.

This photo of us doing the famous ‘HairSmiles’ pose from Japan should come before the birthday photo but then again Im putting it here cos it’s what Facebook will capture and preview when I share this blogpost there.