This is probably the best Pho I’ve tried in KL


Wassup people! Just sharing with you one of my favourite Vietnamese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and it’s none other that Pho Vietz!

They started off with just 1 outlet in Atria Shopping Mall, PJ. Now they have 3! The newest one just opened in Subang Empire Gallery.

Anyway, the one I’m featuring here is in Seri Petaling.

There! Looking at the shop also makes me drool over the Pho already. lol

This is how the interior looks like. Somehow they manage to capture people’s hearts with their yummy food and good prices. The Atria outlet always has a queue outside the shop. Amazing.

This is my FAVOURITEST! Beef Pho. Very flavourful soup, with lots of beansprouts. The portion is also very big. Lots of beef. This is by far the closest to the ones I tasted back in Vietnam. RM17.90

Banh Mi. Most popular street food in Vietnam. RM10.90

My 2nd favourite, spring roll & lemongrass chicken vermicelli. Very refreshing. Lots of chicken and spring roll. RM14.90

2, Jln Radin Bagus 7,
Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.

Wayne’s Cafe in Sri Petaling wants you to chew on crunchy roast pork while sipping coffee


So I happen to stumble upon (hmm.. sounds like a website name from 10 years ago) a new cafe that recently opened its doors to the Sri Petaling neighbourhood by the name ‘Wayne’s Cafe’.
It’s located among the new shoplots in the area and has quite a prominent signboard right at the door front.

I got to try out their food and to be honest, Wayne’s Cafe does more than just serving you cakes and coffee. They serve pork as well.

This is how it looks like on the outside. According to the lady boss, Wayne is actually the name of her son. (Now everybody say awwwwwwww)

The interior looks like a cafe right? RIGHT?
It is lah but then they serve a lot of proper food as well.

Come let me tell you about their coffee. They use Lavazza coffee beans. I havent really tasted good Lavazza coffee before this but the Flat White I tried here tasted good! I asked the boss what she did to the Lavazza coffee she said she didnt do anything. Hmm.
Oh by the way, it is always nice to serve coffee along with a cookie. I think every cafe should do this.

This is one of the items in the salad section in the menu. It’s called …. wait for it…. ‘Fruits Salad’. RM20.
It’s a bit dry and let’s just say I wont order this again lah :D

This is the hero item! Roast pork served with apple sauce, brown sauce, roasted potato & vege. RM25.
The skin is so crunchy and th meat is so tender and juice. Love this. Some how the roasted potato was yummy too!
I posted this on my Instagram you can come check it outzzz:

Grilled pork neck. Very tangy and chewy. Not bad. Can order again :D RM18

This one is kinda not bad too. Roast pork stew pie. RM25.
The fluffy dough was good but kinda too buttery. The stew was good but at the time I had this, I was already overloaded with pork so yea. I think this fits 1 person.

This is just Black Forest cake and it was not bad. Love it when Black Forest cakes look like this. With shredded chocolate strips on top, and cold and juice berries inside the cake.

This is the lady boss. Say hi if you see her when you visit Wayne’s Cafe. Super friendly lady.

Come check out my Instagram for more food ratings!

10 Jalan Radin Bagus 6,
Sri Petaling
Sat-Sun: 10am-10pm;
+603 9055 3362

Got myself a Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine & made myself strawberry coffee!


If you have been following my Instagram account, I’m sure you are aware that I love drinking coffee. Guess I was influenced by my mum who couldn’t stop drinking coffee since she was young.

So recently we got a Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine (Genio 2) and it’s actually quite awesome. Here’s my little review of the machine that puts a smile on my mum’s face (my face also lah actually lolol).

To someone who has been handling gadgets on a day to day basis, this ‘machine’ is actually very easy to use. It only has 3 components. The main body itself, a strainer on the front bottom to trap dripping or overflow coffee & a container at the back that carries water.

The Genio 2 has a 15-bar pump pressure which is strong enough to produce golden crema on coffee, a true sign of coffee shop quality.

In the box along with the machine, we also get a cute package that consist of 6 capsules that we can use to make 4 different types of drinks: Cafe Au Lait, Espresso Intenso, Chococino, and Latte Macchiato.

Apart from the above, we also got 3 other boxes of capsules: Mocha, Latte Macchiato and Grande Intenso. (Grande Intenso is basically Long Black lah)

Did I mention how easy it is to make coffee with this machine?
- Put capsule in
- Adjust amount of water needed
- Push lever to ‘hot water’.
That’s it. All done within a minute.

For coffee with milk, we actually need to use 2 capsules; 1x coffee, 1x milk. In the photo above, I was making a cup of Latte Macchiato.


Since I have this awesome and convenient coffee machine, I actually tried to increase the challenge by making myself a unique glass of coffee.

I bought strawberries, puree jam and grabbed a capsule of Grande Intenso. Then I made STRAWBERRY COFFEE!

Here’s the video of how I made it. You can check out my ingredients and methods. It’s actually very simple.

So in case you are not aware, Nescafe Dolce Gusto is having a promotion in the month of May whereby you will get 30% discount for Genio machines when you purchase any 3 boxes of flavour capsules from the webshop.

So quickly go and check them out cos if you love coffee, this is definitely one of the best ways to enjoy a cuppa when you are at home or when you want to belanja coffee to your guests or visitors.
CLICK here now:

You can also check out Nescafe Dolce Gusto on instagram:

How many cafes can one visit and eat at all of them? We tried. It was crazy!


So a while back, 2 Singaporean buddies of mine came to KL to hang out and to check out the cafes in town.
As a very welcoming friend and a very awesome one, I brought them to a few. We tried fitting as many as we could.

Here are some photos from the cafes we went to.

One of cafes we visited was Underground Societe. Tried their alcoholic coffee and stuff. Had desserts. It was nice.

Gotta pose a bit before moving on to the next location.

Suddenly we felt like eating pizza and pasta. So we dropped by Jibby & Co in Subang.

The food was so good! Maybe cos we were hungry.

Next was to The Front Door at Petaling street.

Had their toasts with all sorts of toppings.

Yum! Actually we went to a few more but let’s just keep those photos for another day. :)

That lunch I had with the most awesome bunch of colleagues I ever encountered


This is a super throwback post but it’s still worth posting cos the people involved are still one of the ‘funnest’ colleagues I ever worked with.

We had lunch at Metal Box Cafe. It was actually a farewell lunch for one of the ‘now ex-colleague’.

I ordered this. One of my favourite item from the menu. What is it? Check out #smashpoprates!

These girls were the most in-trend, joke-able, and family-est girls in the company. See how everyone’s Instagrammer side came out after lunch? haha

How can I not be part :D

Long story short, everyone in this pic is awesome :)

What’s the best time to book flights for Malaysians? Skyscanner shares the findings [Infographic]


If you have tried booking flights before this, I’m sure you are aware that flight prices change depending on when you book. Skyscanner has recently shared their findings on when’s the best time to book in order to get the lowest prices.


This is Pamela from Skyscanner.
Pamela knows when to book to get the lowest fares.
Pamela shares her findings with everyone in Malaysia.
Be like Pamela.

According to their findings, the best time to book for Malaysians to get cheapest flights is on average 19 weeks in advanced.

- Cheapest time to travel: 4th week of February
- Cheapest month to travel: November
- Most expensive time to travel: 3rd week of July
- Most expensive month to travel: December

This infographic below shows when you should book for the top 10 locations favourited by Malaysians.


Just in case you are afraid that you will miss the period to book cheap flights, Pamela suggests that we can set up for a Price Alert on mobile and desktop via Skyscanner. It provides daily notifications as prices rise and fall.

You can download Skyscanner on your mobile via the Apple Appstore or the Google Playstore.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Zoolander 2 [Minor Spoilers]


Remember Derek Zoolander from 2001? He is back in “Zoolander 2″ and I just attended the premiere screening of it last night at TGV 1 Utama.

As a fan of the very first movie which was released back in 2001, I had very high expectations from the 2nd one and it turned out to be super entertaining and hilarious!

In case you have no clue what the movie is about, Zoolander 1 (and now 2) is a modern comedy movie that portrays the shallowness of the fashion industry in a very dark and sarcastic yet humorous way.

After watching it last night, I have noted 5 things that will make you fall in love with Zoolander 2.

5. Justin Bieber dies.

If you are a Bieber fan, you will love this movie as he is in Zoolander 2. If you are not a fan of Bieber, he dies in the movie so it’s a reason for you to watch as well.

4. The crazy amount of cameos will blow your mind.

I’m not gonna reveal the names of the cameos in the movie but just so you know, Benedict Cumberbatch (as seen in the trailers) appeared as a male/female model in the movie and he was AWESOMEEEEEE! Of course, the 1245465 other cameos appeared in their own mind blowing ways as well.


If you have seen Zoolander (2001) you will know the MAGNUM does not appear all the time. Being able to catch a glipse of it again in Zoolander 2 is definitely an experience you will never forget.

2. The OST is definitely loop material

The songs in the movie, especially the one during the end credits. So NICE!

1. THIS.

Wait wait. I’m talking about the blue outfit on Derek Zoolander. Whatchu looking at?!

I rate the movie 9.5/10 and it’s the first time iI’m giving a movie an almost complete rating. Go watch it!

This Front Door Is Not Your Usual Front Door


So many many.. many months back, I checked out this cafe along Petaling Street called The Front Door. The heritage outlook and casual interior looked perfect for a cafe. Guess that’s why it attracted many visitors, both local and foreign.

Apparently, this cafe is catered mostly to backpackers who stays along that street!

Ordered flat white, as usual. It was ok. Tasted like everywhere else.

Had breakkie meal and one of their popular toasts too!

I quite like the raw interior. Seems very trendy nowadays.

At the back of the cafe, there was a passage way. Where does it lead too? Hmmm… not telling :D

Woody & Buzz Say “GONG XI!”


It’s Day 2 of Chinese New Year! Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous year a head.

Woody and Buzz also want to join in an send you wishes. For more of their appearance, check out #smashpoptoy on Instagram!

A dead body, a cup of coffee


So one of the days many many months back, we visited Empire Damansara to check out the place and to hop around some cafes there.

Here are some photos from that day.

Love the light and shadow here on this stairs heading towards the carpark.

At that time they had these umbrellas hanging from the top

We found a dead body! lol *choi*.

OK another shot of the stairs. Gotta pose with it la ok .

Nice facade.

We ended our visit at Cat in the Box cafe. Surprised to receive this from the barista!