They Went To Caffeinated Cabin Not For The Coffee, But Something Better.


Lets go back to when Caffeinated Cabin, a cafe near Jalan Gasing was opened last year around September. We went to check out the place and realised that it is not like any other. It is a very tiny one that occupies part of a bungalow.

It was so small we didn’t know how to even take photos of the place. So we started by snapping ourselves.

They serve really awesome food, like this one.

Good coffee too

But most importantly, we were not there for the food or coffee..

We were there for the companionship

We were there for the fun :D

Brick Wall & Wooden Tables at PCLO


One of the days back in .. erm.. I forgot when, I went to this cafe with Leah to check out their churros. It’s called PCLO and at that time, the cafe was quite new.

Too bad when we arrived, they ran out of Churros.

Leah enjoying her coffee

My flat white!

Since there wasnt much to do, we left after we finished the coffee.

Not Sure Where To Eat in KL? Then This Instagram Account Is For You.


So it’s the weekends and friends are suggesting to have brunch. You got excited and say YES! Then you realised that you don’t know where to go for all these brunch food and not sure if some of them you heard of is worth trying.

What about lunch? Where to have lunch with your buddies?

If you have questions like this, why not check out ?

Food and cafes rated, with location tagged so you know if they are worth trying & addresses. Prices are included too. Here are some of the latest entries.

On @smashpop:
Sir Benedict: beef bacon, nicely done poached eggs, mushrooms & spinach on toast. Yumz! Lousy service tho. Minus point. RM20 #smashpoprates 6/10

On @smashpop:
Hire Katsu Curry Rice. Tender pork w savoury Japanese curry. Gd portion, yummy. Quiet n simple ambience. RM15 #smashpoprates 8.5/10

On @smashpop:
Ths bfast set has eggs, croissant, toasts, cabbage w bacon & salad. Simple yet hearty. RM8 only! Coffee nt included #smashpoprates 8/10

On @smashpop:
Pan seared chicken, capsicum, hashbrown & salad wrapped in chili flaked crepe. SO YUM! Must try. RM17 #smashpoprates 8.5/10

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The Theory Of Standing At That Latte Place


Here are 2 cafes that used to generate lots of hype but actually just average.

That Latte Place used to be one of the favourite cafes for many when it was located under a big rambutan tree along Jalan Ampang.

When they closed down and reopened at Cheras, it lost the charm.

Standing Theory in PJ used to be the talk of the town cos they serve bacon with waffles.

Not sure why no one talks about them anymore.

I Had A Tiny Heart When He Turned Me Into Coffee Art


So one day, I hung out at one of my favourite cafes in Damansara Perdana, The Curious Goat.

Andy the barista was making my flat white.

As I was sipping my coffee, I noticed the other owner, Nathaneal quietly sketching something. I then realised that he was drawing my face.

He also taught me how to make my own coffee.

This was the result. I made a tiny heart coffee art lol.

Oh btw, this was the final artwork. So nice. Thanks THE CURIOUS GOAT!

You Won’t Believe How Long I Stood To Decide On My GUESS. But It’s Worth It.


So a few days ago I was at the mall and I suddenly felt like checking out some watches. Guess it’s about time I get a new timepiece. So I walked over to a nearby watch shop and checked out what they have.

I was actually looking for a digital watch but not the mainstream ones and something caught my eye.

GUESS actually makes digital watches now. Can you believe it? I was like woah this is rare. So I quickly asked the assistant to open the glass box for me. LOL.

I laid my eyes on 3 watches, all of the same type, but different colour variations. Black, Gold & Blue.

Look at this. SO BEAUTIFUL! According to the assistant there, this is GUESS’ first digital watch for the young and trendy people. (Sounds like me kan?) 
This watch has this retro design that reminds me of the time when timepieces were symbol of one’s status-this seems to achieve that.

I was kinda leaning towards the blue, W0595G2, one as it looks super modern and edgy. The shiny bezel just stands out and confirm people will ask me to show them my watch if I were to wear this out.

So I finally bought it. Wore it out a few days ago and took some photos. Check it!

I honestly think the watch looks really good, especially on my wrist. :)

So what you think? Does the blue one suit me? Or should have picked the black or gold variant? Anyhow, this is definitely money well spent. RM500+ for GUESS’ first digital watch… and a really good looking one. *Pats own shoulder* .
Good job on your purchase, Jason.

See more details at and be sure to like GUESS WATCHES on Facebook at

SG Update: Artichoke, The Lokal, DimSum Learning Hub


Ok 2nd batch of updates from my recent Singapore trip.

Maple glazed bacon chop and poached eggs. OMG! To be honest, one of the best cafe/restaurant I been to in Singapore.
Check out Artichoke if you happen to be in SG.

Hung out with these special people for Jumbo Seafood!

Finally got to check out The Lokal.

Took some amazing shots at NTU Learning Hub.

Got to stay a night at Holiday Inn Express. Great hotel!

SG Update: What’s In My Bag, HP Launch, Youtube FanFest


So few days ago, I went to Singapore for a HP launch event at Youtube Fanfest. (Thanks HP for the invite!).
Spent Thursday checking out new lappies and deskties. Also got to meet some popular Youtubers from around the world.

Here are some tiny updates (More on

So before I left for SG, I posted what I was packing into my bag.

Checking in at noon at Hotel Jen. Then went for lunch in the same hotel. Had Chicken Cordon Bleu.

After lunch, I managed to walk around to find some spots to pose a bit lol

We then proceeded to the HP launch event. Check out these machines. Will share more in upcoming posts.

Then after the HP launch, we went to SCAPE where the Youtube fanfest press con were held. Saw that they were setting up the red carpet for the event.


I Dated A Siberian Husky For Brunch


So a while back… actually many many months back, I went for brunch with some friends at MAPS, a really awesome cafe beside Sunway Pyramid for brunch.

Eggs Ben.

Porky Pancake.

Enough of food, time for our faces!

.. and my PUMA Trinomic!

So I didn’t lie. I really had brunch with a Siberian Husky. lol

You Dont Need To Wait For A Grey Sky Morning To Have Coffee Here


So backtrack a little. Actually not a little cos my posts are all from my pending photos taken months ago lol. Anyway this is not time based so you can assume that this happened yesterday lol.

Came to GreySkyMorning for coffee one day with 2 of my buddies.

It’s one of the better looking cafes in town with lots and lots of natural lighting. Anything looks good in photos here.

Including us.

Usually people would sit on the top floor.

They don’t have food though, just pastries and coffee.

GreySkyMorning is just behind Sunway Pyramid, at City Harvest Church.