A dead body, a cup of coffee


So one of the days many many months back, we visited Empire Damansara to check out the place and to hop around some cafes there.

Here are some photos from that day.

Love the light and shadow here on this stairs heading towards the carpark.

At that time they had these umbrellas hanging from the top

We found a dead body! lol *choi*.

OK another shot of the stairs. Gotta pose with it la ok .

Nice facade.

We ended our visit at Cat in the Box cafe. Surprised to receive this from the barista!

2015′s Top 10 Cafe Food In Kuala Lumpur, As Rated By @smashpop


HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! Since we have entered a new year, it’s always good to check out the best and the most awesome stuff from 2015.

In this post, we check out the top 10 “#smashpoprates” cafe food in Kuala Lumpur.

Note that these are just food that were featured on @smashpop’s Instagram only. The rating is subjective, based on individual’s taste and preferences.

1. #smashpoprates 9/10: Loco Local: pancakes w coconut, caramelized banana, caramel ice cream & Gula Melaka syrup. Fluffy, addictive. 1 of the best I’ve tried. RM15.

Munching Mob Cafe

2. #smashpoprates 9/10: Chargrilled chicken leg w mashed potato n corn salad. Super yummy omg! Perfect combo. RM18.


3. #smashpoprates 9/10: Pan-seared thick toasts w berries, pistachio & gula melaka. Gr8 texture n taste. Crunchy yet soft RM15

Metal Box Restaurant & Cafe

4. #smashpoprates 9/10: Classic Golden. Crunchy outside, fluffy inside. Very aromatic batter. Best waffle Ive tried in Malaysia to date. RM8

Fishee Coffee

5. #smashpoprates 8.5/10: Croissant w turkey ham & gruyere cheese. Croissant is crunchy n fluffy. Very fragrant cheese. Ham is smoky. Yum! Kinda exp tho. RM16

Kenny Hills Bakers

6. #smashpoprates 8.5/10: Red rice, BBQ chicken, sausage, black beans & eggs. Very big portion. Unique combi of asian n western. RM20

Bandits Coffee Bar

7. #smashpoprates 8.5/10: Belgian waffles w sides of ice cream, berry jam, choc sauce & whipped cream. Great texture, nice to look at. RM11.9

Le Pont Boulangerie

8. #smashpoprates 8.5/10: The Dark Side: choc crepe w dark choc spread, orange caramel & icecream. So good, so yumz! Recommended. RM10

Strangers At 47

9. #smashpoprates 8.5/10: Pan seared chicken, capsicum, hashbrown & salad wrapped in chili flaked crepe. SO YUM! Must try. RM17

Strangers At 47

10. #smashpoprates 8.5/10: Twin fried portobello mushrooms, hashbrown, poached eggs, beef bacon & toast. Satisfying & yummy. Big portion. Best to share. RM24

Mr & Ms. Cafe

So there you go! Follow @smashpop on Instagram for more awesome stuff.
If you have any other recommendations, do leave them in comments below :)

Sponsored Post: LOUIS XIII’s 100 Years Movie Is Truly A Movie You Will Never See


You know when it comes to movies, I get attracted to action packed, adventurous and also comedies. Throughout all these years of watching them, I have never come across one that I am teased, yet will never get to see.

I’m actually talking about LOUIS XIII’s “100 Years Movie” starring John Malkovich. The teaser was published and the release date of the movie is 18 November 2115. That’s right. 100 years from now. I was like ‘WHAT?!’… well there is a reason why it will only be released then.

So let me tell you what actually happened.

LOUIS XIII Cognac, one of the most luxurious spirits in the world, has announced an original film, starring actor John Malkovich, which envisions our beloved Earth, one century from now.
‘100 Years – The Movie You Will Never See’ was inspired by the century of careful craftsmanship and patience it takes to create each decanter of LOUIS XIII Cognac.

“When I was first approached I really loved the idea… I mean, in a way I wish all the films I made wouldn’t have been seen for a hundred years. I don’t know how much that would change the way they are regarded…” said John Malkovich.

The whole idea around this project is very intriguing as it clearly signifies the incredible legacy of craftsmanship that goes into one decanter of LOUIS XIII, and the fact that its creators will never experience the results of their work, led the creative direction of the film ‘100 Years’, which explores the fascinating concept of what the future may look like in one hundred years.

The final movie has already been kept in a state-of-the-art safe, which is locked with a countdown timer and it will only open when the countdown ends. An exclusive preview of the film’s trailer took place at the Sheats Goldstein Mansion in Los Angeles. During the invitation only event, John Malkovich, with LOUIS XIII, ceremoniously placed the film reel into the custom safe and set the timer for the official premiere in November 18, 2115.

To everyone interested to find out more, this safe will be transported around the world beginning in Hong Kong on December 11, and will finally end up at House of LOUIS XIII in Cognac. Exclusive premiere of the movie will be at the Domaine du Grollet in Cognac, France, on November 18, 2115.

Check out the hashtag #NotComingSoon and the exclusive trailer and three teasers will live on WWW.LOUISXIII-COGNAC.COM. You can also follow the updates Twitter & Facebook.

“This post has been sponsored by Remy Cointreau but all thoughts and opinions are my own.”

16 Instagrammers, 1 Cup


This is a continuation from the previous post.

After taking photos of all the food and coffee, we snapped ourselves

Then in group

We hopped from AMPM to GreySkyMorning.

Since we didnt wanna order so much since we have had a lot of food and coffee beforehand, we bought just 1 cup.

A bunch of Instagrammers visited a cafe. What they did was totally expected.


So many months back, there was an Instagrammers gathering which took place at AMPM Cafe in Subang. I went and managed to make friends with many new people from the local Instagram scene.
After all the introduction, chatting and food ordering, we started taking out our cameras. Heh. Well, what we were about to do was totally expected.

We took thousands of photos of food and coffee.

The big breakfast set became the star of the day the moment it was served.

Emily was quick in placing it by the window.

#Instagram tip: Always place your food by the window as natural lighting helps greatly in the food shot.

See how beautiful her shot was on the camera :D

The coffee arrives. Tiff & Wenyi doing their thing.

Well of course, the cup of flat white went all over the cafe. Haha

Michell and Xiaolin started posing for the cameras.

Stay tuned to find out what happened next!

4FINGERS Crispy Chicken Opens 1st Outlet In Mid Valley Megamall, Malaysia


So I was at the VIP launch of 4FINGERS last night at Midvalley and got to try out everything on their menu along with other guests.
They started off in Singapore in 2009 and I’ve always liked their crispy chicken since the first time I tried it early last year.

So this was the crowd last night. The outlet is located in LG floor, few lots away from KFC.

4FINGERS now officially has 7 stores in Singapore and according to them, the chicken is always delivered fresh to their outlets daily and each piece are hand-painted with their proprietary sauces that are free of MSG and preservatives.

Their signature wingettes and drummettes, which can come in either soy sauce, hot or mixed. It tasted really really crispy and I really like the hot flavoured one as the soy is kinda too salty for me. The wingettes were very flavourful and super addictive as well. I can finish a box of 12 pcs by myself definitely. Haha!

Then there’s this Chicken Katsu Sandwich that comes with their signature chicken and house-made kimslaw in crispy buns. If you are not into chicken wings and love kimchi, then you have to order this.

Happy faces. We ordered non stop! For a 4FINGERS lover, I really enjoyed the free flow food last night. LOL

Look at all the food we ordered! Oh and these were just half of it. hehe

Oh they also have crispy calamari which is also a hot seller, probably for those who prefers seafood. It was crispy on the outside and tangy inside. Simmered with soy sauce, some pieces can be too salty.

I personally would order the chicken drumsticks instead of the wings cos they are meatier and bigger. We can choose from 3 options as well; soy, hot, mix.

Here’s the menu.

LG-074A, Lower Ground Floor,
Midvalley Megamall.

Sponsored Post: One Macho Story, A Guy Can’t Resist


Not sure about you, but I’m a sucker of macho stories.

I recall while browsing online almost a year ago, I came upon a short film starring Jude Law which made an impact on me till today. Here’s a lil background story, it was bout a man who struck a wager with his pal to come up with an outta-the-world performance to win the heart of his pal.

If he managed, in return the reward was an exclusive yacht that he dreamt for, and it ended with both them enjoying a great time together on the yacht celebrating friendship.

Well, what made an impact was that it was really beautifully shot! Great videography, captivating story, and a positive uplifting message.

This year, Johnnie Walker came up with a sequel to that!

Just as beautifully shot, Gentlemen’s Wager II now takes place in a vintage setting of Monaco. I won’t tell you fully on the story line, but trust me this sequel has a stunning car, a beautiful asian lady(which I am sure you can recognise) , a macho drink and inspirational story jumbled in one….

Watch the branded film here:

Trust me, I’m sure it is able to capture your interest and leave you wanting to watch the film again.

So with gratitude, one can go far, just like Jude Law. So never be afraid to help others who are in need and also never to be embarrassed to return any favour in your life.

If we are to live by this, we will definitely succeed in advancing in work, studies and life as a whole.

True gratitude is hard to find, just like the rarity and craftsmanship of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch whisky blend. It makes it the ultimate expression of gratitude, no matter the occasion.

Oh by the way, you can watch the behind-the-scenes here: http://bit.ly/1LOimM6

##Disclaimer## This post has been sponsored by Johnnie Walker but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

My First Visit To Rocket Coffee Bar, Bangkok


So the next day we were in Bangkok, we went down to the hotel cafe for breakfast.

This rack of bread is so Instagrammable!

What to eat, what to eat…

They have waffles. :D

For lunch, we visited Rocket Coffee Bar… one of the more popular cafes in Bangkok.

The interior is so nice. Very Kinfolk style

I had this.!

Spending the night at Asiatique, Bangkok


So in the evening, we changed to our singlets and short pants and left the hotel to go to Asiatique!

Grant Hyatt Bangkok looks really good btw.

We took the boat to Asiatique. It’s a place with lots of shops, bars and eateries.

Walking around exploring the area and looking for food to eat

Had curry udon!

Fun night! Took this while queueing to get on the boat back to the city

Totally recommended if you havent been here before.

This Is How Bangkok Looks Like From A Pedestrian Bridge


Continuing from my Bangkok posts, here are some photos of the city I took while I was on the sky walk thingimajig.. u know the long walkway thing.

But before that, here’s me walking outside an expo at Siam Paragon. Haha

Took this from the skywalk outside Grand Hyatt Hotel

Some random people below the bridge

BTS station

The junction which recently got bombed

Lastly, the TUKTUK that drives around town like a cockroach.