Breakfast, Angpaus & China House


The next morning in Penang, I woke up early for breakfast!

There were all sorts of food la but I purposely took this for Instagram sake only lol

Some angpaus I collected from CNY day 1 in Penang.

Then around noon, we went to China House for brunch!

Love how they transformed the heritage buildings into a hipster-mainstream cafe.

Their signature plethora of cakes.

More photos from China House next!

The Temple On Top


So it was a Chinese New Year night. So we went to Kek Lok Si temple which was located on top of a hill. It was my first time there anyway.

The road up was so packed with cars! We had to park halfway and walk up.

Lanterns everywhere.

Ear lobes.

A photo with mamapOp

Candles were lit throughout the whole place.

Top view shot. For instagram? Hmm

Quiet town, Missing Dog & The Setting Sun


The walk in the quiet town continues. This is usually how Penang looks like during the first day of Chinese New Year.

It’s so empty I could sit in the middle of the road. lol

OK at least there were some stalls and hawkers on the streets

Not just people. Dog also went missing.

Found a white wall. So had to pose again.

Sun was about to set. Hungry.

So we went to have some vegetarian food!

I Checked Into A Glowing Hotel In A Silent City


This might come a little late but based on the arrangements of my pending posts and photos, this should come out at the right time.

These photos were taken in Penang, when I visited the island with my parents during Chinese New Year this year.

I did some research and found that this hotel is very new and it located in the middle of the Penang town. Hence I booked it. Checked it and lovin it.

Was walking around the lobby and found this cozy corner.

Then I realised that this corner is more cozy! Had to pose a bit.

After checking in n stuff, I went for a short walk around the hotel area.

Then I realised something. “Where is everyone?”

More nail-biting discoveries in the next post. Stay tuned.

#YoutubeSaturday » Return of Techduology, Silent HIlls & House Of Cue Cards


Techduology is coming back! R U READY?

Super excited about this.

Jimmy is awesome.

The Birthday Lunch At Food Foundry


It was my first time dining at Food Foundry. Heard a lot about this place and finally got to check out the place when we celebrated Karen’s birthday back in January.

When we arrived, it was packed. So we waited for quite a bit before getting this table. Hungry yo!

Ordered this. Quite small portion. Pfft.

The latte. RM11. Average.

Since the whole table was filled with girls, we took some time to chit chat after eating. Hehe

Say hello to my teammates. :D

So is food foundry worth checking out? Well, if it was 2013, yes. But there are so many other restaurants with similar ambience and better food nowadays so I guess there is no need to check out this place if you haven’t.

In case you still wanna go try their food, here’s the address:
BG-8 Jalan 17/13,
Seksyen 17,
46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

‘Coffee Amo’ Is A Quiet Cafe In The Busiest Part Of Kuala Lumpur


If you are looking for a quiet cafe to just chill, catch up with friends or just enjoy coffee and cakes, then this is it lah.. no where else. This is Coffee Amo at Jalan Sultan (Petaling Street).

Got to know about this place from a friend who frequents this cafe and we decided to go on a weekend. This was how it looked like when I was there. Hope there’s nothing much changed now. Heh.

One of the recommended cakes there is the Nutella Choc cake. About RM10 but I think cake prices are around RM10-12 nowadays so yea.. cant complaint anymore.

Ordered a latte and they did a peacock art for me. Yay!

Here’s the interior. Very simple with a little bit of chinese opera elements as deco. Oh btw, this cafe is located on 1st floor, inside a chinese opera hall. Hipster much?

Plants, logos, those kinda things.

I have never returned to this cafe since my first visit. Not to say it’s bad but I don’t prefer quiet cafes. You know quiet like no music, customers whispering kinda quiet. Also, my latte was too hot, like 100′degrees hot, which is a no-no.

If you would like to try, check them out at Jalan Sultan. They now have another outlet at TTDI too.

PUMA Launches #ForeverFaster In Malaysia


Just 2 days ago, I was at the launch of #ForeverFaster campaign by PUMA at Berjaya Timessquare.

It is actually a global campaign which was launched at the same time worldwide. According to PUMA Southeast Asia General Manager, Miguel Andrade, “We believe every Malaysian has Forever Faster in them, being ambitious, bold and charismatic in nature. It is not about making Malaysians Forever Faster, but rather bringing the Forever Faster out of them.”

Managed to catch up with fellow PUMA friends Simonso, Cailin & Wee Wern.

Melvin Siew, the country manager for Malaysia officiated the launch by dropping down the curtain revealing the PUMA Red Wall, challenging everyone to climd it and reach the top!

All of us PUMA Friends were then called upon to grab a photo with Melvin and the wall.

The country manager himself challenged the wall as a sign to welcome all Malaysians to come and try. It is currently at the main entrance of Berjaya Timessquare so please go and see if you have the bravery, determination, joy to face the 3-metre wall :D

Coffee at VCR on a rainy day


When I first heard about VCR back in January, I was as curious as a goat. As I kept seeing people posting Instagrams of this cafe called VCR.

‘Isn’t VCR the old school video cassette recorder?’ Apparently, it’s a cafe in Jalan Galloway (opposite Pudu Jail) and it’s quite awesome.

This happened backed in January, during my first visit to the 2-storey cafe. I ‘jio’ Lynnd to join me as she’s into checking our new stuff as well.

It was raining that day… and it established a very chilling mood for coffee drinking.

The flatwhite was OK, not too strong.. probably it was a single shot… but the cake was good. We ordered the Kings, which was a peanut butter-banana cake.

We sat on the 2nd floor. They managed to extend the top floor using this glass container-like thingymajig.

The stairs to the ground floor. My personal fav spot is actually the little table by the window on the right.

Bumped into David and his friends there. It was their first time in VCR too.

We kinda spent most of the time at the balcony on the top floor cos it was awesome lol

The super popular angle for Instagrammers… from the stairs.

The Farewell At Marmalade & Coffee Société


So back in December, our intern Amri was leaving the company. So a few of us brought him out to Publika for lunch and coffee and gave him awesome memories of us and stuff.

We went for lunch at Marmalade Cafe. The girls, Eva, Eliza and Karen. Somehow girls like to sit together.. why ah?

Pesto looked good.

Amri is a funny intern. lol.. You see his face you know he is funny. I hope. >_>

I think I ordered this.

Then we went over to Coffee Société for.. u know.. coffee.

I think back then they just introduced this drink. So we all tried. :D