#pOpcrap » RGB & The BeanHive, Lumia 930 & Caffeinated Cabin


It’s Sunday again! That means it’s time for POPCRAP!


Went to this new Cafe near Jalan Ampang a few days ago. Quite secluded but they have really nice and bright interior for Instagram shots. Coffee is bad though.
RGB & The Bean Hive is located along Jalan Damai.


Reviewed the Lumia 930. Check it here: http://discovr.smashpop.net/2014/09/18/the-lumia-930-reviewed-in-malaysia-while-having-cendul-video/


A new cafe has joined my favourite list. Caffeinated Cabin is located near Jalan Gasing. Great coffee and food.

It’s Time to BE BRAVE, My Friends



Ok hope I get your attention here. Now don’t get me wrong as this is not regarding something I’m experiencing. Haha! But hey, I recently stumbled upon this test, which helps in testing whether this PE issue (we call it PE la ok?) is happening to us guys.

Well actually PE is a very common issue. I’ve read a lot regarding this, just that people are shy to reveal or share with their friends when they are experiencing this. Did you know that 1 out of 3 men in Asia Pacific has PE?

PE occurs when a man has difficulty controlling ejaculation and often ejaculates without much sexual stimulation. You know, some ppl call it ‘potong stim’. Lol.

OK serious talk now. This PE issue could be one of the reasons couples separate. So if you are in a relationship (or soon!), then you must not take this lightly. Find out now.

So luckily there’s this Be Brace campaign to help us men. It’s an online quiz to break down the taboo surrounding the PE topic with fun environment and empowering Malaysians to find out more.

I actually tried this test quiz online and it’s quite simple to do. Just by answering some cheeky questions and the result will be generated instantly.

If you are a girl, don’t worry. This “Which Inner Hero Are You” quiz is designed to be played by both men and women in which women play to discover which inner hero matches their partners’ personality, while men play to discover their own inner hero.

For me, I took the quiz for guys of course!

Check out this question. I think it’s obvious that I am the SHARP AND WITTY one. But hey, when you do this quiz, pick your own answers k. Don’t copy me. Haha!

See how I purposely don’t want to show you my selection? :P

So this is a ‘kan-jeong’ question. How concerned are you that YOUR KISS with your partner is not satisfying.

Well im not gonna tell you my selection. You will have to do it yourself :D

This was my result! I’m BRAVE MACHINE yo! It says I’m willing to venture outside of sexual norm but will make sure she’s comfortable. Adventurous yet caring. Anyone wanna try me? –Jokes-.

Oh you see the blue area on top right? Just click that you will be linked to www.controlpe.com.my which is where you can find out more about premature ejaculation and ways to overcome the health condition. You can find a lot of interesting information and de-bunking myths regarding premature ejaculation.

Don’t forget to share the results on FB! Cos I did and well, my friends were all surprised that I am a BRAVE MACHINE. HAHHAH!

If you guys are interested in playing the quiz, it is accessible through www.bebrave.my and the Be Brave MY Facebook page www.facebook.com/BeBraveMY. Do try it out and share with your friends and family! Don’t forget to click on www.controlpe.com.my to learn more about this health condition.

If you suspect you may have the condition, you can take the Premature Ejaculation Diagnostic Tool. This will help you decide whether you need to see a doctor for a diagnosis and effective treatment. You’ll also be able to find your nearest clinic through the locator in the website.

Reflections from the past & the next red thing


So I was looking through my folder full of photos which I have yet to blog about and realised that the next folder after my Penang shots were these below.

They were photos of my buddies from the iTT gang and I enjoying our ‘lou sang’ during chinese new year.

Then I thought to myself. ‘Wow, bloggers used to post photos like this last time… photos of outings with friends, people having meals together, posing for the camera’.
So what has happened to blogs nowadays?

Blogs nowadays are full of advertorials, food reviews, product reviews and everything else that could earn money.

Gone were the days where you can see photos of the blog owner and their friends having meals or doing fun stuff together.

So I was thinking.. should I still post these photos which was meant to be blogged about back then when they were shot during Chinese New Year?

I figured that I should cos it is my blog and this kinda postings have always been presented, showing everyone my friends and our meals.

Which got me to write about this ‘reflection of the past’ thingy.. about how blogs have transformed from a personal site about daily lives and photos… to a commercial site selling products and reviews.

I still remember I would include a teaser at the end of my blogposts too, to get viewers interested and to come back the next day. Like this visual above.

And if you have been reading from the top of this post, thanks for reading while you scroll through these photos of strangers that you have no idea who except my face.

#pOpcrap » PCLO, Woody Plays Candle & GreySkyMorning



Checked out a hidden gem in Bangsar. PCLO on Jalan Riong serves great coffee and churros.


Took this during the night of mid autumn festival when we were playing candles at home :)

A fine day at GreySkyMorning, Bangunan EX8, Subang Jaya.
Love the coffee, ambience and best natural lighting ever haha.

Gadgets, Dogs, Dick Graze and All About That Bass


LAtest video by Techduology about what gadgets dogs like. What you think?

Channing Tatum posted a new vid about this. I cannot brain.

Everybody’s fav song now.

These 2 bowls are the mother of all attractions in Penang


After Chew Jetty, we stopped by Joo Hooi, a very popular ‘kopitiam’ in Penang where the famous Asam Laksa and Cendul stalls are located. These are probably the big reason why many people go to Penang.

As we know, Penang is famous for the food but no one would come to the island without slurping the icy cold cendul and sweet, sour, spicy assam laksa.

This ends my posts on my CNY trip to Penang. Til then. SLURP!

Visiting Chew Jetty in Penang


On the next day in Penang, we went for breakfast at the hotel and then visited Chew Jetty. One of the most popular jetties in Penang.

Too bad it was low tide when we went. Everything was dry.. like my wallet.

But nothing can stop me from taking photos! Here, sausages for you.

Weather was super hot but they still managed to chill and act like it was autumn. I couldnt resist but to post like this.

I also can chill! lol. That’s Ernest. Thanks for bringing me here bro!

Just some fishing traps and an old bicycle.

This jetty is so famous among tourists that the locals started doing business like selling phone cases.

We left Chew Jetty and went to another amazing location. Stay tuned!

That Latte Place, BookBook, Puma Trinomic



Went for brunch at That Latte Place, Ikon Cheras yesterday. Food is still awesome. Wee!


Thanks Ikea for sending me a giant BookBook


My new PUMA Trinomic and macchiato at VCR

Coffee & Burger At Kaffa, Penang


On the night after checking out the wall paintings at Armenian Street, I met up with my buddy Ernest! He took me to this cafe which was a newly opened outlet in Penang. Kaffa, espresso bar is currently available in KL too.

Let’s go in!

Great ambience. Love the lighting and the spaciousness.

My latte didnt look that nice though. Haha

Ernest ordered the burger.


So there you go.

Kaffa Espresso Bar.
Address: No 72 & 74, Lebuh China, Pulau Pinang, 10200, Malaysia
Phone:+60 4-261 1016

These Wall Paintings Are So Real, Tourists Around The World Got Attracted To It


So after hours of coffee, brunch and exploring of China House, we walked over to Armenian Street which was just around the corner to have a look at the famous wall paintings.

See what I mean with the blog article? People around the world queues under the hot sun everyday just to take a selfie with them.

Since the queue was so long, I picked this wall art instead.

Armenian Street in Penang is very cool. Why? Cos we can rent bicycles to go around the area or just ride on one of these trishaws, with a fee of course.

Temples were the attractions there as well.

This trishaw was placed by the street for tourists to take photos with.

The best discovery that day was this wall painting which was so real. LOVE IT!