Sponsored Post: One Macho Story, A Guy Can’t Resist


Not sure about you, but I’m a sucker of macho stories.

I recall while browsing online almost a year ago, I came upon a short film starring Jude Law which made an impact on me till today. Here’s a lil background story, it was bout a man who struck a wager with his pal to come up with an outta-the-world performance to win the heart of his pal.

If he managed, in return the reward was an exclusive yacht that he dreamt for, and it ended with both them enjoying a great time together on the yacht celebrating friendship.

Well, what made an impact was that it was really beautifully shot! Great videography, captivating story, and a positive uplifting message.

This year, Johnnie Walker came up with a sequel to that!

Just as beautifully shot, Gentlemen’s Wager II now takes place in a vintage setting of Monaco. I won’t tell you fully on the story line, but trust me this sequel has a stunning car, a beautiful asian lady(which I am sure you can recognise) , a macho drink and inspirational story jumbled in one….

Watch the branded film here:

Trust me, I’m sure it is able to capture your interest and leave you wanting to watch the film again.

So with gratitude, one can go far, just like Jude Law. So never be afraid to help others who are in need and also never to be embarrassed to return any favour in your life.

If we are to live by this, we will definitely succeed in advancing in work, studies and life as a whole.

True gratitude is hard to find, just like the rarity and craftsmanship of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch whisky blend. It makes it the ultimate expression of gratitude, no matter the occasion.

Oh by the way, you can watch the behind-the-scenes here: http://bit.ly/1LOimM6

##Disclaimer## This post has been sponsored by Johnnie Walker but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

My First Visit To Rocket Coffee Bar, Bangkok


So the next day we were in Bangkok, we went down to the hotel cafe for breakfast.

This rack of bread is so Instagrammable!

What to eat, what to eat…

They have waffles. :D

For lunch, we visited Rocket Coffee Bar… one of the more popular cafes in Bangkok.

The interior is so nice. Very Kinfolk style

I had this.!

Spending the night at Asiatique, Bangkok


So in the evening, we changed to our singlets and short pants and left the hotel to go to Asiatique!

Grant Hyatt Bangkok looks really good btw.

We took the boat to Asiatique. It’s a place with lots of shops, bars and eateries.

Walking around exploring the area and looking for food to eat

Had curry udon!

Fun night! Took this while queueing to get on the boat back to the city

Totally recommended if you havent been here before.

This Is How Bangkok Looks Like From A Pedestrian Bridge


Continuing from my Bangkok posts, here are some photos of the city I took while I was on the sky walk thingimajig.. u know the long walkway thing.

But before that, here’s me walking outside an expo at Siam Paragon. Haha

Took this from the skywalk outside Grand Hyatt Hotel

Some random people below the bridge

BTS station

The junction which recently got bombed

Lastly, the TUKTUK that drives around town like a cockroach.

See How These Videos Give You Front Row Seats On Someone’s Life


Let me give you this scenario.
Someone is living his life like how one would. And you live yours. But if you watch these Vlogs, you can get front row seats of another person’s life, and in this case, smashpOp’s life.

I mean if you are interested, you can check out my weekly Vlogs on youtube.com/smashpop

Here are the first 5 episodes:

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We Eat, Drink, Play, Repeat At Club Med Finolhu, Maldives


This is part 2 of my update from my recent trip to Club Med Finolhu, Maldives.
Part 1 here.

This was actually a structure at the jetty. Love how it was full white, combined with the casted shadow, it creates a very beautiful scene.

Woody enjoyed himself so much playing water at the private pool and at the villa.

Lunch was buffet style. Food presentation was fine dining style. Perfect combo.

Another awesome structure. This walkway leads to the jetty and the roof was made of solar panels.

One of the best thing to happen during this trip was the new friends we made. It was definitely a fun thing to talk about our Instagram experiences with Instagrammers from different countries.

This inlude my fellow Malaysian grammers who flew there together with me.

I spent a week in Maldives & didn’t want to come back


So I just got back from Maldives for a 5-day stay in Club Med Finolhu and it was one of the best vacations I had ever.

Thanks Club Med for inviting me to experience this luxurious resort and organizing the #ClubMedInstameet event. I had a lot of fun and made many new Instagrammers friends. So awesome!

Here are some photos I shared while I was there. You can see more on my Instagram.

The general pool located right next to the beach bar. Took this when sun was about to set.

Each of us got ourselves an overwater villa. Private pool and beach. So nice!

Just spending some time chilling at the pool :)

Breakfast by the sea. One of the best views for breakfast ever.

Club Med being an all inclusive resort, gives guests free flow food and drinks including alcohol. The food looks very ‘fine dining’ ish too.

We went snorkeling and did other activities like jetski, massage etc.


When I Grow Up, I Want To Stay In This Orphanage


Continuing from my previous post, my first day in Bangkok was when I visited one of the most popular orphanage in Thailand, Mr. Jones Orphanage.

The outlet that I went to was located inside Siam Center.

This is it! The orphanage that everyone talks about.

It’s basically a dessert cafe with LOTS and LOTS of cakes.

The cafe was flooded with people when we were there. Finally got a table after queueing for 30 mins.

While waiting for my dessert to be served, I went to check out the cakes. Cookie Monster!

The waffles with cream and strawberries I had was to die for. Paired with a cup of coffee. Wowwweee!

I Travelled To Bangkok & My Name Was On The Envelope


So many many many many months back, I travelled to Bangkok with my parents and we stayed at Grand Hyatt. It was a very pleasurable stay as the services and treatment from the hotel crew was awesome. Thanks AGODA & Grand Hyatt for this.

So when we arrived at the airport, we were driven to the hotel in this car.

After all the welcoming gestures, we were brought into our rooms.

It’s always nice to see your name on the welcome note envelope. :)

A very strategic location for the hotel. It was just a stone throw away from CentralWorld!

Around noon, we walked over to the malls and checked out the streets.

One of the best tomyum and padthai I has was at TalingPling. This outlet was at CentralWorld but they do have outlets all over Bangkok.


The Cat Was Caught Taking Selfie In The Box


So many many many moons back, I visited Cat In The Box at Empire Damansara when they first opened.

Here are some shots I took back then.

Let’s start with me posing with the top down glass panel that overlook the street and trees across the road.

My favourite spot.

Coffee is good. Prefer it to be stronger though. I mean for Flatwhite.

Woah! Back then I was wearing this squarish specs. lol

The super mainstream (by now) spiral staircase.

#BusyStrangers taking selfie.