JiuFen: So Real It Got Spirited Away


Walking down the iconic staircase in JiuFen led us to many unique tea houses.

We stopped at this one to check out what’s unique about it.

The entrance was a cave!

Half a day at Jiu Fen is definitely not enough. This place was so awesome it got adapted in the animation SPIRITED AWAY.

A visual I found on Google but you can go search for more if interested.

Gotta do the smashpOp Jump before leaving.

The bus took us back to the city for dinner.

We were so full from eating at Jiu Fen we barely touched the 10 course meal lol

A groupie of some of us before we go shopping at Shihlin!

Jiu Fen: This Place Is So Awesome, It Deserves 100 Likes


After visiting the gold mine, the bus took us to this area nearby called Jiu Fen. To be honest, this is the best spot I experienced in the whole of Taipei and it is also the reason why I would visit Taipei again.

The bus dropped us at this alley. So colourful and crowded with people.

The deeper we went in, the more food we found. They all look so good we had to stop at each shop! This braised minced pork rice is super famous in Taiwan. The fishballs has soup fillings they literally explode in your mouth.

Many shops there were selling these desserts with tangy yam and sweet potato. Much like Snowflake here in Malaysia but a lot more awesome.

This was how the yam and sweet potato balls were made.

Another street food we tried. Icecream wrapped with peanut and parsley. Wow. You have to taste to believe the awesomeness.

We then moved on to the famous staircase with tea houses on both sides. This place was so famous it got featured in a very famous Japanese animation a while back. Can you guess which movie? It shall be revealed in the next post.

We’re In A Gold Mine!


So we continued our walk in the rain to the entrance of the gold mine.

Wah! First time in my life entering a mine!

Excited face haha

How it looks like inside.

It’s always very loud inside. Hence this gesture by one of the ‘miners’.

After visiting the mine, we say goodbye!

Posting this photo last just because I want it to be the thumbnail when I share this post on Facebook. lol

We Became Gold Diggers In Taipei


Our next destination on the 3rd day in Taipei was the Gold Ecological Park and Gold Mine!

It started raining the moment we arrived. Super bad luck lol

Since we were about to dig some gold, the rain didn’t stop us.

We stopped by one of the eateries there to equip ourselves with raincoats!


Then we started our journey up the hill to the gold mine.

To be honest, the view was really nice, especially when it is raining.


#YoutubeSaturday » FROZEN Parody, Iggy Azalea, HummingLove


New video! FROZEN Parody with a selfie stick!

Can you believe Iggy is only 24 years old?

Hummingbird love

Night shopping in Taipei


OK let’s get back to Taipei posts.

After visiting the memorial, we went to Taipei city itself where the Taipei 101 is located.

When you are here, it only means one thing. SHOPPING!

We found the first ever shop that sold bubble tea in Taiwan.

The 101 and I.

All of us!

Taipei city looks really good at night.


Breakout Launches In Malaysia, A Theme-Based Escape Game For Adventure Seekers


Ever thought of going for an adventure but don’t have the time or money to do it?
Have you ever thought of becoming a character from a thriller/action movie to feel how it’s like to be on a set?

No need to think anymore cos you can now enjoy all the above in the heart of Kuala Lumpur!

BREAKOUT is a new escape game recently opened in Avenue K and is for adventure seekers who likes solving puzzles, having fun with friends while trapped in confined spaces or even detective wannabes.

When they first launched just 2 months ago, they started off with 4 rooms with different themes:

This room is about a missing magician which needs to be caught. You and your friends will enter a magical world in order to find him. Difficulty level: 3/5.

This is a mysterious scientific room which is suitable for people who love science, physics and everything related to it. Difficulty level: 3/5.

This is an investigation case of a murdered body found in the bath tub. Highly difficult to solve. Difficulty level: 5/5.

When you and your friends enter this room, you will be put as imprisoned entertainer on stage whereby all your audience are puppets. Solve the clues in 45 minutes else you will be locked forever. Difficulty level: 4/5.

Just within 2 months, hundreds and thousands of fun people have tried BREAKOUT and everyone was left wanting more. According to some, Breakout is totally different from other escape games and the theme-based rooms give them a more complete experience.

Just some weeks back, I went to try out the MR OSWALD’s GREATEST SHOW room and I failed miserably and couldn’t escape within 45 minutes. ARGH! But it’s ok cos I will definitely return to break my own record!

Today, on exactly the 2-month anniversary, they launch a new room called PROJECT FALLOUT!

A Weapon of Mass Destruction is reported missing from the military guarded facility just on the outskirts of Northwood. Your job is to find out who stole the weapon. Difficulty level: 3/5.

This is a sneak peak into the PROJECT FALLOUT room. Shh!

Breakout @ Avenue K
L2-16 (Level 2), AVENUE K. Address: 156,
Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
(603) 2181-1835

The Weekend In Penang


Wassup people! Just 2 days ago, my friends and I went for a weekend trip to Penang and had lotsa food, fun.. and.. erm.. yea food and fun. lol

We stayed at Flamingo Hotel. Check out the view from our room. So awesome!

When in Penang, eat cendul and asam laksa!




As we entered the memorial, I knew I couldnt stay long inside lol. It was SO EXCITING OMG.

Check out the exciting interior.

…and this exciting car.

So I went out to have a walk outside to take more photos lol

Many others came out too cos it was TOO EXCITING inside.

The memorial hall was so majestic I had to plank.

This Place Is Boring.. But First..


After Yehliu, we went for lunch!

Just one of the many dishes we had

We kinda occupied the whole floor. lol.. This was our table. CEO same table ok!

Next stop, the boring place! lol

So yea.. we were supposed to enter the museum.. #ButFirst

My new PUMA that time.. haha.. now still quite new.

OKOK lets go inside lah.