BreadFruits At Day, Oh Scooter At Night


So if you are looking for a nice place to have breakkie in KL, try out BreadFruits!

17, Jalan 26/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Then at night, if you wanna have some funny looking coffee, try Of Scooter!

They seriously placed their logo every where at the cafe.

Even on the wodden tray.

Jalan USJ 21/10, Subang Jaya

Jam & Kaya, Butter & Beans


One of the cafes I frequent at night, Butter & Beans in OUG.

One of the cafes I would never go back, Jam & Kaya.

That is all.

This Is A Beautiful Cafe In Malaysia That Doesn’t Exist


So every photo you see of coffee and cafe on social media will eventually give you an idea of where to go next for your next catch up session or brunch meetings. It’s perfectly normal.

What I’m about to show you now, is something like 5th dimension thingymajig whereby the cafe is so real but you can never visit it in your life.

This, is Sugar Rush.

The cafe was painted full black; ceiling, walls, doors etc. But the decors were unique.

The interior was always half-completed whereby visitors would think that it is still undergoing renovation but nope. It was complete.

They had cakes. Lots of cakes. With table lamps highlighting the texture and colours of each of them.

I managed to try their cakes and coffee. It was a little sweet. Coffee was good.

I even managed to treat it as my workplace for a while.

Unfortunately, Sugar Rush in Pusat Bandar Damansara is no more. They closed down. So there you go, story of a beautiful cafe that doesn’t exist anymore.

These Photos Look Seoul Good!


So i was in Seoul, Korea last week and here are some highlights from all the photos I shared on Instagram.

Arrived in Incheon airport. Pose a bit.
Photo taken using Panasonic 42.5mm f1.2 Nocticron lens

Tried cafes in Seoul. All coffee sucked.

Check out Cherry Blossom. Apparently everyone is crazy about them.
Photo taken using Panasonic 42.5mm f1.2 Nocticron lens

Had lots of Korean food.

Checked out awesome architecture in Seoul.

Made friends with Korean girls.

For more, check out my Instagram.

Taipei Update 4: Coffee, Posing and Beef Noodles


OK Last update from Taipei.

One the last day of us there, we checked out this cafe and we were very impressed with the decor and coffee.

My cute looking cappucino.

While on the way back to the hotel to check out, we posed a bit.

Jumped a bit.

Had this for lunch in the airport.


Taipei Update 3: JiuFen, Taro Balls & Minced Meat Rice


Ok if you missed the previous 2 updates, click HERE and HERE.

[All photos taken using the Panasonic Lumix GF7]

On the 3rd day, we woke up early again for breakkie in the hotel.

Some of us had to leave on this day. But some of us are also extending the stay, like me, Eric and Alvin. At noon, we went to eat this ‘ru rou fan’ aka braised minced meat rice which is a staple food in Taipei. Very popular too.

Then we took a cab to Jiufen! 1 hr away up on the hills.

Had this up there. It was so good! The taro balls and yam balls were so tangy and chewy.

Posing a bit. hehe

Here’s a view from up there before we went back to the city for dinner.

Dinner at 206!


Taipei Update 2: GF7 Launch, Photowalk & Desserts!


Here’s the 2nd update from my recent Taipei trip. PART 1 HERE.

[All photos taken using the Panasonic Lumix GF7]

Woke up to have breafast before the main event starts at 11am.

This was the reason why we were in Taipei. To witness the launch of the Panasonic Lumix GF7.

The different camera models and human models.

Then off we went for a photowalk!

A tiny group photo of us at the temple.

A big photo of tiny me.

A night photo of a big memorial hall.

After dinner, we went for the typical Taiwanese desserts!


Taipei Update 1: Waffles, Sausages & DinTaiFung


As you may already know, I recently was invited to Taipei to attend the launch of the Panasonic Lumix GF7 camera and I went with 4 other very famous Malaysians; Bangsarbabe, Alvin Chong, Eric Lim and Careen Tan. Since we took too many photos, it is impossible to fit everything in 1 blogpost. So this is part 1.

All photos were taken using the Panasonic Lumix GF7.

Took a group shot at KLIA2 before flying off. So good looking we all. Yumz.

When we arrived at Taoyuan airport, we spent like 30 minutes just to take photos with this background haha.

Arrived at about 3PM and then went to check in at the hotel. Panasonic got us rooms in Regent Hotel, Taipei. 5-star yo!

While everyone was settling in, I went for a short walk alone to see the surroundings of the hotel.

Before adjourning to dinner, Eric, Alvin and I went to try out this popular waffle cafe near the hotel. It was called ‘Melange Cafe’. Waffles are SUPER AWESOME. Photo taken using the 20mm f1.7 lens on the Lumix GF7.

The good people from Panasonic Malaysia took us to the first and original Din Tai Fung restaurant. Had so much good food omg!

After dinner, a few of us went for a walk around town to .. digest.. so that.. we can eat again at the night markets. LOL

So yea, the night ended with night market and drinks after that :D

Stay tuned for AMAZING TAIPEI stuff in the next post!

Feeka is a favourite


One of my fav cafes in town is Feeka, on Jalan Mesui, near Changkat Bukit Bintang. Here are some reasons:

Coffee art looks good.

Black tables. Nice for Instagrams.

Nice wall art to pose with.

Great tasting coffee.

Nice ambience.

Go check them out if you are around town.

It’s #smashpOpday!


Another year, another birthday!
On this day, I’d like to say that I’m happy for what I have achieved so far, and glad to have the family and friends that I have now.

My birthday wish is for everyone (including you) to be healthy and happy everyday. :)

Oh and look at this awesome painting I found in Sasana Kijang! So nice! HEHE