Hipster Coffee & Apple Store in Barcelona


Alright on the very last day in Barcelona, we walked around town and checked out the Apple Store.

Natural lighting at its best.

Took this top down from the Genious bar area on the first floor.

Then we went to search for this hipster coffee place hidden in some housing area inside a bicycle shop. Finally found it after rounding the area for a bit.

They only had a bench. So we gotta take out else there’s no way to drink it there lol

Last walk in Barcelona. We headed to the airport soon after.

While waiting to board the plane, we chilled and drank some happy juice. lol Bye Barcelona!

The Human Tripods In Barcelona


A little bit more photos from the photowalk in Barcelona.

Carla being tempted with cute food.

Very nice dinner at night at Placa Reial.

Here’s how the city looks like at night.

At night, we went to the Nokia party!

Big Nokia is big.

More photos next! We visited the Apple store & more!

Crazy people doing crazy things at Sagrada Familia


Photowalk in Barcelona continues and we snapped everything in sight.

These 2 girls were high lol

We stopped by Casa Battlo to check out Gaudi’s work.

Our last stop was Sagrada Familia!

OK smashpOp jump here we go!

Not sure what we were doing but hey! Look at out Lumia 1020!


They have super powers. My camera couldn’t capture the awesomeness


Photowalk in Barcelona is fun when you have a guide.

See how the guide was passionately telling us stories about the buildings and stuff

Posing a bit

Walked all over.

Love how the streets looks like in Barcelona. The whole middle stretch is for pedestrians only. Awesome

The people in Barcelona walks so fast I couldnt capture using my high tech dSLR. lol kidding.

What she saw, was just a square and a fountain


It was the 2nd day of Mobile World Congress and we started the day with some interviews with the product managers from Nokia.

There’s a designated area for us bloggers. Yay!

After all the tech sessions, it was time to relax and spend some time in the city. Photowalk!

We took the subway to town. Spotted this little store underground.

Plaça Reial is a square in Barcelona. It lies next to La Rambla and constitutes a well-known touristic attraction, especially at night.

Took a group shot by the foundtain. Super fun people from all around the world.

Stay tuned to my next post. More things to see, and you will be shocked, just like this girl in the photo.

The iMac With Retina 5K Display Is In Malaysia. Here’s The Unboxing [Video]


Just about 2 weeks ago Apple announced the new iMac 27″ with 5K Retina Display and when they mentioned that it would be available almost immediately, I was jumping in joy.

So it arrived in Malaysia 2 days ago I am grateful to be able to get it on the same day. So here are photos and a video of me unboxing it. In case you are interested lah. :D

Posted this photo on my Instagram before I unboxed it.

Display: 27-inch (diagonal) Retina display with IPS technology; 5120‑by‑2880 resolution with support for millions of colors
Price: RM7,999
Processor: 3.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.9GHz)
Memory: 8GB (two 4GB) of 1600MHz DDR3 memory; four SO-DIMM slots, user accessible
Storage: 1TB Fusion Drive
Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 M290X graphics processor with 2GB of GDDR5 memory

The packaging looks very similar to previous versions of the iMac. White, clean and features the iMac with black Apple logos on both sides.

Once the front portion flipped down, we can see that the iMac is actually very well protected.

At the top is a slot that fits the box that contains both the wireless keyboard and magic mouse.

A closer look at both peripherals. Love the silver and white finish. As always. :)

It’s out of the box!

Plastic sheets all over. Gotta peel it off, peel it off. (Inspired by Taylor Swift’s latest hit.. geddit?)

For a computer with such amazing display, they managed to fit it in the same 5mm body. Truly amazing.

Done! Tada! Check out the video below for more awesome details and the macro shot of the Retina 5K Display.


Coffee From The Browser Guys


After we were done with the Nokia keynote and checking out the new devices, we walked around to look at what other giants were releasing that day.

Some photos of the sections.

All gadget reviews are on http://discovr.smashpop.net

The crowd was massive at all the booths!

Gotta pose a bit at events like this lol

Then I stumbled into Firefox!

Serving complimentary coffee. Everyone was queueing :D

Bumped into Sam and Tommi. Waddup!

3 Asian Bloggers & A Tech Event in Barcelona


On the 2nd day in Barcelona, we got our tags and ready for the busy day at Mobile World Congress ’14!

Here’s how my tag looks :)

The bus dropped us off at the venue and everyone was excited to find out what every mobile tech giant were announcing.

We headed to the Nokia section of the hall and got ready for the keynote.

Jay, me and Lester. The 3 asian bloggers. lol

All ready to live-blog!

That’s Stephen Elop talking about new devices by Microsoft and Nokia.

Once it ended, everyone swarmed to the experience area to check out the new devices.


Finding The One With Lunch Actually


So I recently went through a unique experience that I figured I should share with you guys reading my blog cos I think it’s really an awesome service that some of you may need.

It’s a lunch dating service called ‘LUNCH Actually’. LUNCH Actually is Asia’s first lunch dating specialist who arranges fun and quality dates for busy, pro-active single professionals in a discreet, fun and no pressure environment.

You might think “WHAT?! Dating service? Jason goes for dating service?”.. why not la? Just another way to meet new people apart from the usual club prowling activities or even swiping left and right on Tinder.

Launched in Singapore in April 2004, Kuala Lumpur in September 2005 and Hong Kong in April 2008 the service aims to provide a safe, convenient and non-intimidating avenue for busy professionals (like me *cough*) to meet like-minded people.

Before you say ‘SURE OR NOT… REALLY WORKS MEH?’, let me share with you 6 facts about LUNCH ACTUALLY.

- They are the largest in Asia

- Can trust wan.. accredited somemore.

- With people like me in the database, sure BEST. HAHA

- Very nice and friendly consultants.

- This one, I can only confirm when they find me someone.

- Sounds legit.

So the process started off with a casual chat with this beautiful lady. She started with sharing some info about LUNCH Actually so I get to know more of how they work and the services.

I then shared more about my life, like my profession, interests, family background and without realizing, It was already 1 hour! Great times. Great chat haha!

Then I had to fill up a form. Forgot how many pages.. but I think it was like 15? Haha but luckily the questions and answers were like checkboxes which I just need to tap instead of writing long essays.

Some topics covered in this form:
- Types of girl I’m looking for
- Age range of the girl
- Profession preferred
- Interests and more.

Then I proceeded into another room to meet another beautiful lady. (This place is filled with good looking people I tell you!)

She’s actually a professional image consultant. The session was about giving me tips on how to wear and present myself when I got for dates. Topics covered were from top to toe. Super detailed!

We also talked about outfit colours. Now I know what colours make me look fresh and what colours make me look serious. Not gonna share it here cos it’s a secret! You’ll have to go for this service to find out. Hehe!

So here’s a recap and summary of the whole process. In case you didn’t read what I wrote before this! (pfft)

Now that the session is done, I just need to wait for them to match my requirements to their database of members to see which one matches me best.

LUNCH Actually will then set up a lunch date for me and the mysterious girl to meet and whatever happens after that will be up to me and her.

Before I end, here’s a success story.. if you are interested to read.


Suite A-29-10, Level 29, Menara UOA Bangsar,
No. 5, Jalan Bangsar Utama 1, 59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2282 8310

Cafe Hopping in Barcelona


So we walked and walked and decided to just cafe hop.

While looking for awesome recommendations on Foursquare, we say this! Quite impressive looking coliseum.

Then both Lester and I stopped on the street. Looking shocked. Cos someone hung a big white apple on that building.

Stopped by the MWC venue to check out the place.

Did the S-Curve!

Finally back in town to check out one of the cafes.

Coffee was bad lol