This ‘Golden’ Hotel Serves The Most Amazing Beef. You’ve Gotta See It.


Another shot before the journey back to the hotel began.

Such a beautiful view on a chilly night in Abu Dhabi.

Aaaand we arrived at our hotel. Just in time for our buffet dinner with the rest of the bloggers and techies who arrived later that day.

We got a very special Nokia tshirt each. Thanks to @Nokia_Connects!

The beef was so clear it looks HD in this photo. Right?!

Desserts looked good too. That’s cos we were super hungry.

Dusit Thani hotel turned golden at night. Amazing.

How It’s Like To Be Stuck Between Day & Night


More photos from the evening walk in Abu Dhabi!

As the day was still bright, we took as many photos as possible.

As we continued walking, we bumped into the Redbull girls! Free drinks yo! :D

It didn’t take long before the night comes.

As we all had the Lumia with us, we tried the low light capability of the phones.

So how is it like to be hanging out in Abu Dhabi between day time and night time? It was super chilling and fun.

Everything just looked so good with the purple shaded sky.


Umbrellas on this beach look so obscene kids had to hide behind parents


Continuing from my previous post about Abu Dhabi.

We walked around town in the late afternoon to the beach area. WE FOUND SOMETHING OBSCENE. (Scroll down to find out).

The buildings in Abu Dhabi were really reflective and shiny lol

We took a group shot. More of like the ones who arrived early that day in Abu Dhabi.

We found the beach.

Couldn’t really do much apart from just kicking sand cos we didnt prepare attire and also activities.

Do these umbrellas look… awkward to you? :D

Spent about 30 minutes at this beach before moving on to our next location. STAY TUNED!

#pOpcrap » Big Breakfast, New Gadget & Le Wrap


Weee it’s Sunday again!


Went for awesome big breakfast yesterday at Antipodean.


Got a new gadget last week. Can you guess what is it?


Light brunch I had last weekend.

The Afternoon Walk In Abu Dhabi


So after checking out the hotel and had awesome breakfast, come of us decided to check out the area around our hotel to see if there are any interesting spots or attractions.

As we were heading out. I faced a dilemma. Should I take the left or right escalator.

I then found the other me, in the glass.

As we walked further, we managed to witness the outlook of our hotel. So tall!

Hurh Hur hhur hurh! US!

Go travel must do S-Curve!

The walk wasnt a good experience at all. It was so hot we sweat bucketloads.

Tour Of The 3310 Room & View Of Abu Dhabi


So I mentioned that I got the 3310 room in my previous post. Here’s what we can see behind the door.

Oooo see through glass window by the bath tub :P

Then here’s my Nokia World tag + welcome pack from the hotel. Woot!

Then I took the lift down the the lobby to meet up with the others who arrived early as well. Lobby so tiny down there haha

Ali from Jordan, Myriam from US, Jade from The Phollipines and Mark from NY.

Spent an hour talking about gadgets over breakfast.

Oh btw, this is the view from my room.

I Got A 3310 Room In Abu Dhabi And You Won’t Believe How Amazing It Is


So back in October I got invited by Nokia to attend the annual Nokia World event which was held in Abu Dhabi and I arrived there after flying for uncountable number of hours.

I was super excited as it was my first ever trip to Abu Dhabi. Never imagined that I would step foot in that part of the earth before this lol.

As I arrived, feeling lost and alone, I spotted these guys holding up the sign that says “NOKIA WORLD” and I ran towards them telling them that I was the one they were waiting for. I got into a van and they brought me to the hotel.

Took this from inside the van as we arrived at Dusit Thani Hotel.

It was a very quiet hotel but feels very premium and classy. I checked myself in.

As I took the bubble lift up to the 33rd floor, I couldnt stop taking photos cos it was so high and the view from the lift was amazing! The lobby looked so tiny below me. Haha!

Not sure if this was planned or just coincidence but I got the 3310 room. In the next post, I will reveal to you what’s behind the door. Stay tuned.

You may check out some photos on my Instagram: @SMASHPOP

#YoutubeSaturday » Astrounding Magician Pranks Crocodiles


If you have not seen this, click PLAY now!

This ‘magician’ is amazing.

Crocodiles got pranked! lol

#pOpday Dinner @ Barbecue Garden Malaysia


So I had my birthday dinner at Barbecue Garden Malaysia, a newly opened rooftop restaurant situated right smack in the middle of KL. Since they are new, I decided to organise the dinner there.

We arrived at about 8pm and got one of the nicest spots in the restaurant.

Booms! Barbecue under the sky with KL Tower in the background.

They have super large variety of stuff we can barbeque.. seafood, beef, chicken, skewers.. you name it.

The crew were very friendly and helpful. In case you don’t wanna do it yourselves, they can help bbq the food for you as well. Heh.

Food was great, though portions could be a bit bigger.

We chilled and took photos non stop after dinner hahaha

Cute cake sing song before we left. Awesome night yo!

Barbecue Garden Malaysia
Level 3 ( ROOFTOP ) @ Life Centre Building, 20 Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
03-2181 8226

Next Up: The Rooftop Experience!


Some people turned the rooftop of this building into something amazing and you won’t believe that experience it can provide. Stay tuned, all will be revealed in the next post.