I just watched 300. One word. Perfect. The movie was damn nice. Nice cos the scenes were so artistic that each one of them, if converted to photos, the movie will be full of fantastic stills. So nice can die… 😀

Anyway, here’s another great movie I recommend.

It’s called 003. I am not sure if its related to 300 or not… oh well..

It’s a story about 3 guys who fight with their brain and fight with their heart. One of the guy is the King.

The King who loves his country, his people and his love.. would fight without turning back.. without regrets.

The Queen is so powerful she can voice out her opinions when the men are talking. She says “we have the rights to speak cos we are the women who give birth to real men!”

Soon the country was attacked by a baddie. He tried to persuade the King to kneel to him…

But the King says..

so the baddie was so furious he sent troops to attack the King and his fellowship.(got horses, elephants, cow, buffalos, chicken ,duck and some other weird looking creatures all come out :P)

They were so hyped up they shouted..

so they fought… the war was too bloody..

the queen went to save the King but to no avail..

The King was killed by the baddie.. so sad…

everyone must watch ok.. damn nice wan.. 😀



  1. Amongstneck

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