1 Baby, 3 Girls & A Volkswagon Das Auto Show

So back in August, Ewin and I went to see some cars at the Volkswagon Das Auto Show.

It was held at the open space beside Bukit Jalil stadium. I tried to go there during daytime but the queue of humans was longer than the great wall of China so we had to go at night.

Even then the queue was still quite long but bearable.

The main lobby.

Welcomed by these friendly girls. Hello Kate and friends.

This baby kept staring at us in the queue eheheh

In the 2nd hall, visitors waited for their turn to enter the dome.. so they played some racing games to waste time.


4 more days to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona!



  1. edmund ng (@xiaohao89)

    u going barcelona arh? so shyok!

  2. Goingkookies

    happening!! hope to see amazing pics of Barcelona!

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