[email protected] Robonut Save The Planet!

Back in December, I was invited to attend a charity event at Wei Ling gallery, The Gardens by my buddy WindKoh. It was actually an auction of the specially designed Robonut figurines which the proceeds went to some charity organisation.

First time visiting this art gallery.. nvr really realised that there’s such a place at the Gardens mall eventhough I frequent there LOL

So after we arrived, they served some finger food and we had time to mingle with everyone and check out the Robonuts which were exhibited before they got auctioned.

They were all creations of different designers.

Then it was time to gather and the auction began. I didnt really take any photos of the auction as I was too focused on people raising hands and forking out big amounts for these figurines.

Anyways, during the event, I was hanging out with my friends.. actually its the same group of people when it comes to events like this. Hehe

Happy couple.

Sup Max! Ai FM announcer.

Lastly, a group shot of us doing the CHOK face. 😀


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