1st Ever RedBull FlugTag In Singapore. We had fun under the sun!

As you’ve seen from my previous post, I was in Singapore during the weekend to witness the 1st ever RedBull FlugTag in South East Asia, and it took place at Siloso Beach, Sentosa, Singapore.

I totally didnt know about the pronounciation until the guys were discussing at the event. It is read as ‘floog-tug’, which means ‘flying day’ in German. Haha! Who knew!

So what is this FlugTag thing about? It’s basically an event for people to build and pilot machines that they built off a 6 metre high flight deck and hope it goes far into the sky (but logically thinking, everything would just dive straight into the water lah.. since they r all so heavy and all ahhahaha)

Good thing we were at the VIP area whereby we had shade, free food ala buffet and free flow of Red Bull, Vodka and iced water.

This is a panorama of our view. CLICK TO ENLARGE!

Check out the first team who built their machine to look like a giant rubber chicken!

Check out the crowd!

Check out the flying chicken head! LOVE THIS SHOT btw. 😀

Check me out! I mean.. check the Domokun out!

Check out the diving plane! lol

Thats it! Time to CHECK OUT! hahahah I had fun. Thanks Red Bull Malaysia for inviting! :D:D:D:D


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