1U and Asia Cafe

2 weeks ago, I went to 1u to watch ‘my super exgirlfriend’ with jo, stacy, ryan and milk.

Before the movie, we went to Vietnam Kitchen for erm… tea.

(L-R)ME!!!, jo, stacy, milk, ryan

Some stuff they ordered(i didnt eat)

some of you might have already seen this photos HERE

after eating, we walked over to GSC.. but when we were on our way there, ryan saw this shop… and everyone asked me to pose.. “omg poppop ! lol eh faster pose in front of it! we wanna take photo!”

After the movie, we met up with chris at Asia Cafe

Chris brought a friend.. but i forgot his name.. hmm

so sad la asia cafe is so far away from my house.. 🙁 i wan the wantan meeeeee


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