2 Events This Week Malaysians Will Regret Missing

Now there are times when we were too lazy to attend a certain event or too busy to care about certain things which we then realized that we have missed out some amazing ones and left us regretting for a long time.
Here are 2 events you should at least know about.

PS4 Launch in Malaysia [20th December]
You might say, ‘oh I’m not a gamer so I dont care’ but before you say that. This is why you must get involved or know or attend the launch event:
– You get to see how passionate and crazy Malaysians are towards console gaming
– You get to go for movies, shopping, dine at restaurants without having to make a booking or reservation cos everyone else will be at the PS4 launch
– You get to talk about how awesome the launch is when you meet up with friends, else you will be the odd one at the table not knowing what the heck is a PS4.

Techduology LIVE 2013 [21st December]
This is the 3rd one to happen in Malaysia. If you have been following Ellen, or Jimmy Fallon, you know how awesome it is to attend a live recording of a show/podcast and get showered with Christmas gifts.

Hosted by FlyFM announcer Ben aka Dung Krappi Dong Dong & one of the most good looking blogger in Malaysia, smashpOp (hey that happens to be me, lol!).. you will:
– Be informed on the latest tech news globally and in Malaysia
– Be able to see touch and feel the latest and upcoming gadgets in Malaysia
– Be entertained with jokes from smashpOp, Ben and Kuah Jenhan
– Be enjoying the free coffee and food by Coffee Bean
– Be a happy person as you will be receiving techy goodies and gadgets.

RSVP NOW BEFORE THEY RUN OUT OF SEATS! https://www.facebook.com/events/194807270705005/?ref=22


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