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Singapore Here I Come

woweee.. see this. chicken little is big! ahah —————————— yes im going to SINGAPORE TONIGHT!!!!! 10 more hours and ill be on the train heading south ! loahahhaa ok last night went to have dinner at the Manhattan Fish Market with mum. Waited for abt 20 minutes before we can get a table since it […]

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Deepavali and Raya is coming… so decorations to liven up the spirit of the festival is a must.. one of the famous symbols of deepavali is the kolam. Few days ago I saw a few of the Astro employees decorating the floor in front of the cafetaria with a kolam. Thats the oil lamps that […]

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Went for a meeting with the people at Arachnid today at Phileo Damansara. Ryan drove us there and ‘spent some time’ looking for the right building.. lol That’s one of the buildings at Phileo Damansara. They all look the same -_-“.. and when we entered the office, we were happy to see a pool table […]

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McD Lunch

Went to McD for lunch just now with Cherrie, Jen, Philip and KS. Philip who was previously an Xfresh crew.. wanted to meet us since we havent met for so long.. and since KS works at the same company as Philip.. so I fetched them both together along with Cherrie n Jen.KS, Jen, ME!! Cherrie, […]

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It has been about 7 months since i graduated from college and 2 days ago was a lil gathering held that i attended and met some of my college mates. We went to Chilis KLCC for lunch and went to watch a movie after that. Those who came..Adrian, Fern, Edison Caere, Choo, Lytes Koon leong, […]

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Ready steady pose!

Saturdays have always been quite boring and today wasnt an exception. So we(the Web Development team) took some group pics to waste time. Silly poses again ahha. Took about 20 different poses and heres one with 4 of us in it.(L-R) Albert, Cherrie, Jen and me.

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