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Crazy Frog

omg omg .. I met CrazyFrog!!! Thats me feeding him ice cream(notice the BIG ice cream) Dancing outside my office.. Resting.. ahaha..and yes.. my screensaver = Harry potter They are here to promote the new Magnolia Jelly icecream.. we got ourselves one each

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Thanks to Streetsurfer Nelsen for the Bandito Pocket voucher. We went to KFC just now to get our free treat and here are some pics. Thats me holding the voucher and i think thats Cherrie behind me.. lol That’s Kim n Cherrie ME!! and Cynthia Castell and Mei. Albert n Arlia were there too but […]

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Mixed Rice

After more than a week of no lunch outing.. i finally joined them again. We went to a ‘chap fan'(mixed rice) stall in Sri petaling. This is the stall.. haha very cheap food. Some of them ordered Tom Yam seafood noodle. The chap fan stall and a bowl of pan mee that we ordered. Thats […]

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Cameron Hilands

Finally back from Cameron Highlands… i dono why people like to go there but I will never go there again.. the winding road was like hell.. the town was boring.. and the attractions were so far away that u have to spend like 10 minutes driving thru the winding roads to reach them.. sigh.. anyway.. […]

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O2 Atom Launch

I’m going to Cameron Highlands tomoro.. so this is my last post for this week. Went to the launching of O2 Atom just now at Avenue K.. here are some pics Nice place… since its new.. so everything still look fresh.. Look at my drink… it glows!! lol.. cos they have this O2 fake ice […]

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Grandpa Bday

omg omg omg so many things to blog that i cant fit them all in one post!! lol well i just came back from the special screening of Zathura… damn nice movie.. recommended.. must watch.. muahaha 4 days ago was my grandpa’s bday.. my relatives n I went to celebrate by having dinner at a […]

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