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Reunion dinner

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE !!! ok havent been updating for few days. so here’s a post on my Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner which took place 2 days ago in Hotel Nikko. Our reunion dinnes has always been in this hotel.. cos my uncle(who pays for it every year) likes this restaurant. Here are […]

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Cny at MV

I still have photos from my previous Jusco ‘adventure’ but ill postpone it to some other day cos now i feel like wanna post the pics that i took at midvalley on wednesday. I was lucky enough to catch the dance performance that day.. so i took some photos(as always) I think the deco for […]

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Ichiban Ramen

I didnt go to Jusco just to see lion dance(which i didnt expect to)… i went to have lunch!!!! ahaha so here is the post of the food i had before i saw the lion dance. went to ichiban ramen… they renovated.. but we didnt have ramen.. cos had too much of it already.. so […]

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Lion Dance

Doong doong doong chiang! Doong doong doong chiang! Haha. yes.. i consider myself lucky cos i managed to see the lion dance show when i was at Jusco Maluri on sunday. Waited for it from 2pm to 4pm.. sat in Starbucks while looking out the glass window.. *kanjiong kanjiong* and it finally startedHuah!!! look at […]

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When I was at KLCC to take pics of the CNY deco.. i also went for lunch.. at Yoshinoya It’s one of my favourite restaurants.. love the beef. but this time i had teriyaki chicken rice.. and the spring roll.. erm.. is from another shop.. lol after walking for like an hour.. i went to […]

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Cny at Klcc

For christmas, I have made a post on the decorations in Mid Valley megamall. This time, for Chinese New Year… I went to KLCC to take some pics. When I was there… I saw a big crowd in front of the small stage in the center court.. and the busybody me.. went to join them.. […]

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