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Habeas Corpus

Been wanting to watch this play since the first day it started.. n finally we got to watch it. Last night, Albert, Elaine, Jen, Davina and I went to BSC to watch the stage comedy called “Habeas Corpus”. Another reason why we went to watch is because some of our friends are acting in it.. […]

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Manhattan Fish Market

Last friday(before the gathering) was Jen’s last day at Xfresh. So during lunch.. my boss drove us to Manhattan Fish Market at Ampang Park for lunch. (L-R)Cherrie, Jen, William, Ryan, Albert, ME!!! The stuff we ordered were: Cherrie, Jen and I shared this seafood platter for two. William ordered the King Salmon thingy.. Ryan n […]

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Bloggers Gathering pt3

This is the last post about recent blog gathering at Dome Midvalley. 3 more pics taken at Dome That’s fr0stie.. he came to meet me without knowing that theres a blog gathering going on.. haha I love the pic of me n Calvin… and on the right.. u can see me eating April‘s handmade earring. […]

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Bloggers Gathering pt2

Hey all… how was the pics in my previous post? spotted anyone there? did u see your faces? heres part 2. Some close up shots of some people… Some people that i took pic with. WHY ARE THESE PICS BLUR!?!?!? WHO WAS HOLDING MY CAMERA? *GRRR* mORE MORE MORE!!! People in this post whom have […]

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Bloggers Gathering pt1

Dont think I need to write anything anymore… since most of the bloggers were at this event.. but for those who were not here.. 1. about 40 bloggers 2. dome midvalley 3. photo taking n camwhoring for 3 hours 4. da big plan: big bloggers jump ala smashpOp style. People here.. people there.. people everywhere […]

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Pink red

This post is actually very a bit outdated.. ahha but it has to be posted anyhow.. Cherrie’s birthday was on the 12th of April.. so we celebrated with her in the office… bought her a damn big ‘piggy’ and most of us tried to wear either pink or red.. cos Cherrie likes the colour.. Cherrie […]

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