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Wassup Australia!

HEEEEEEEELLLLO EVERYONE!! Ill be going to Australia for a week. So i will not be updating this blog til I come back. You guys can still leave me comments and also leave me messages in the tagboard.(Dont try to say bad things about me ah……. cos I have asked Jenifer to help me monitor my […]

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Shakeys pizza

3 weeks ago i went to shakeys with my mum for dinner. we had this set for 2 person Havent tried this before and i dono wtf was chicken.. something mushroom rice.. Hawaiian pizza.. yummy this is actually a modified version of the tomato paste for pasta… the garlic bread is best ah!… pizza hut […]

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Pose, I dont

On May 11th.. I went to midvalley to watch Poseidon with Derrick. While waiting for him to come.. I was looking over the SonyEricsson booth at the center court … and then I spotted……………. A cute chiq! lol then i used my 12x zoom to.. er.. u know.. ok then Derrick arrived and we went […]

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Mothers day hi tea

i just realised that the photos in my blog are getting bigger and bigger.. hope it doesnt take a long time to load. ok mother’s day was about 10 days ago. I brought my mum to Impiana KLCC hotel to have hi-tea buffet. This hotel used to be called ‘Holiday Inn on the park’.. First […]

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XF Group shoot

Last week, we had a photoshoot session for the whole Xfresh group. We all wore the Xfresh crew shirt to office.. then gathered at the big empty land near the office. Everyone preparing for the shoot. Started off with the on ground team. Then the web n content team Lastly.. the on air team. so […]

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