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1st meal in Melbourne

Finally reached Melbourne. That’s me taking a picture with the VirginBlue logo again before leaving the airport. My uncle came to fetch us and then brought us to this place. I was very blur that time cos I didnt know anything about Melbourne roads. So yea.. can someone tell me where I was that time? […]

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Leaving GoldCoast

NO MORE MOVIE WORLD!! NO MORE NO MORE NO MORE!!!! (actually there r more pics.. but i lazy wana post them already… i even skipped the post about my dinner after that) So the next day, was the day when we were supposed to leave our tour group, cos we were flying to melbourne by […]

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Movie World Parade

at 2.30pm… the Movie World parade starts! We got outselves a nice spot by the main walkway.. some shots from the parade and here’s a video. Watch it 😛 ——————– The winner of ‘smashpOp Pimps You’ got himself a banner n a badge. Now he will be pimped in my blog. 🙂 The image will […]

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I molested Catwoman

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL ROX!!!!!! AHHA thanks to all the blogger friends who came to make the movie premier more happening 🙂 —————– so people got pimped already… some even got tickets to go watch movie premier.. what now? WHAT ELSE?????? i wanna quickly finish off my autralia pics!! thats my mum in the middle.. who […]

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