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There is a new Italian restaurant opened in Cheras.. about 3-5 minutes walk away from Leisure Mall.. the shop lot used to be new zealand cake house.. since its new… we HAVE to try it out kan? lol so one fine day.. one fine friday to be exact.. we went there for lunch. (L-R)Kim, ME!!!, […]

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July Bloggers Gathering

BLOGGERS GATHERING TODAY ROX!!! been planning this for a month already and thanks to Yeehou and Jolene for organising this. Here are some pics I took today. I’m trying to get pics from them bloggers and then will post them up when i get them. Skyler, ME!!!, Chloe and Chengsim ME!!!, Calvintay and Yeehou Elaine, […]

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Bloggers at Jogoya

Few days ago I went to Jogoya to meet up with some bloggers. These ppl I met r damn famous wan ok.. some are even celebrities imported from the UK. hehe. okok lets start by introducing the restaurant la ok.. This place: – is in Starhill KL – damn expensive.. about 100 bux for dinner […]

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Lantern Carnival

For this post, I will be posting pics from the Lantern Carnival that I went to in Bkt Jalil. But the text would be stuff not related to them. I went to gym today and I was shocked when I saw my friend became a trainer there. lol.. I met him in the toilet somemore… […]

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Yoshinoya beef sunset

Last week I went to Midvalley to meet up with Dan for lunch. He was back from Melbourne for a while..(but now he has returned for studies) We lunched at Yoshinoya He posed for my camera before we started eating.. ehheeh I had this.. some beef n vegetable set… and I bought this too This […]

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Dim sum results

————————- Few weeks ago.. I joined my AMP colleagues to go to Puchong for dimsum lunch. I seriously got no clue which part of Puchong is this cos i seldom go there.. anyway.. Siu mai.. my favourite These are the people from AMP. The people behind the online side for the radio stations. I was […]

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