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Jumping in the temple

Our next destination in Petaling street was this chinese temple. I never liked temples before until the day I realise how beautiful they are… after I got my dSLR. heh.. These incense r the trademarks of temples.. hanging up high from the roof, one can hardly resist from taking pictures of them. The longer I […]

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Just the 2 of Us gathering

Petaling Street Pics will be back soon. ———— Last saturday, we bloggers got persuaded by Bodicea to go watch a play called ‘Just The 2 of Us’ starring Rashid Salleh and Joanna Bessey at Actor’s Studio BSC. ok I shall try making a post without typing out the main points… for you guys who comment.. […]

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Shops in Petaling Street

We continued walking and when we were looking for unique stuff to snap, a sign which was right in front of our faces lead us into a shop. This man is a denturist. The shop was too dark since the only light source was from the entrance… therefore I had to use my bounce flash. […]

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Petaling Street part 1

We spent the morning at the busiest street in town for some photo snapping. We looked weird, as people everywhere were looking at us as if we were some alien life form holding a camera-like weapon trying to adopt some street hawkers back to Mars. Indeed, our ‘weapons’ looked like cameras. The different models were […]

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Paris Hilton @ Zouk

So after the dinner, we went to Zouk for the Launch of Paris Hilton’s album. We waited for like 45 minutes before we could get in.. There wasnt much that we can do while waiting.. so as always…. ahah snap snapp snapppppp and more more more snap snap snap!!!! (my camera phone not bad at […]

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