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Shopping in Topman

yesterday Rames, Cherrie and I went to Topshop. Rames wanted to buy a cap. I got excited and felt like wanna buy too.. ahha peer pressure. When we were looking at the caps, Cherrie also high high wanna buy… We picked all the caps n hats and tried them… while choosing, i took the opportunity […]

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David Blaine Pose

A photo i took when i went to Equine Park for training. Ill be going there again on the 4th n 5th oct.. sigh (Thanks Albert for this photo.) I went to watch ‘Devil Wears Prada’ just now… damn nice movie. everyone must go watch. Thanks Jen for the ticket 😛

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Fooxion @ Stevens

After the meet up at the Curve, I went home to rest a bit and then met up with Jen, Jed, Munyee, Rames and Milk(again) to attend this gathering at Stevens Corner Pandan Indah. Some pics that I manage to snap there.. of course there were lots more people but i didnt have to chance […]

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Yummy Vivo

food from vivo… hehe.. i forgot who ordered what already… albert liked this alot until he went back to the same place to n ordered this again jed’s lamb chop.. he makan so slowly everyone finish d he still eating who ordered this ah? i forgot.. probably milk i think slinky ordered this and lastly […]

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Lunch At Equine

2 weeks ago when i had my training at equine park, i went to lunch at wong kok char chan teng, Jusco. met up with mun yee who coincidentally went there for lunch… n also yip seng 😛 some stuff we ordered this thing was supposed to be ice cream with peanut butter… albert asked […]

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We met at the curve

LAst last saturday I went to 3 events. First was the Kosmo Xfresh Futsal League 2006 at Sports Unlimited, Ampang. Then I went to The Curve to meet up with the bloggers(now good friends).. At night, i went to meet up wit hthe fooxion gang at Stevens, Pandan Indah. A photo from the first event. […]

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