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Chocolate Buffet

Star Cruise pt.2 !! After our lunch, we walked around the ship to familiarise ourselves with the place. The other restaurant(the one that serves only buffet) was at deck 6. We can choose to sit indoor, or outdoor, under the blue sky.. I walked up the stairs n took a photo from above Soon, it […]

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Boarding the ship

So how was my trip? or rather.. cruise… to singapore? ahha 1 answer. 3 words. FAT FAT FAT why? cos when ur on a cruise.. all you can do is eat eat eat eat eat and eat. This is Star Cruise pt.1 Upon boarding the ship.. I jumped. Everyone already left the waiting hall.. only […]

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Goodbye Jump

Iwan wants me to call him. Wayne asked me to call him if im lost. Karenn wants to join. Kimbustion wants to jump with me. ————————– Batu Caves pt.3 I went higher up in the caves and… and…. and i saw the mummy, daddy and baby ppl were feeding them with fruits.. 😛 Wah… @.@ […]

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Slowly Climbing Up

I only have 9 hours to spend in Singapore on Sunday. I will be calling Iwan. He is currently the only person who wants to meet up. 🙂 —————— Batu Caves continued. and so I started climbing up… Each step is numbered so you know where ur at.. Remember the abandoned sandals from the previous […]

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Batu Caves

This is the story of me… going to Batu Caves alone last month… (well.. it was actually with my parents) Why!!! why m i here alone in this photoshooot outing?!?!?!?! ahahahhahaa Some photos before we climb up the neverending stairs ok? I shall remember this day cos it was the first day I saw blue […]

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