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Justin Lo Reads Lyrics

Justin Lo’s concert photos continues.. Friends i made when i was waiting to go in. lol 90% of the time he was closing his eyes -_-” The dancers were not really dancers cos they couldnt dance like how dancers dance.(repeat this sentence 5 times, quickly) erm…. justin.. can open eyes ah? mr. close-eyes went to […]

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CoffeeBean Breakfast

Stupid internet connection.. caused by the earthquake in Taiwan… well i think currently there will be less people feeling sympathy for the people there… no Internet, no sympathy. hmphf!(thats the evil side of me talking) so.. since the connection is so damn slow… this will be a temporary post. Salmon + scrambled eggs… yummy 😛

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Give Gift Gif

Bloggers Secret Santa Continues Who gave what to who? See for yourselves. Some silly faces that we thought of. Seriously… never waste the wall… and lastly… after everyone’s happy with all the presents and food n camhoreeng… and they lived happily ever after

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Bloggers Secret Santa

Exactly a week ago, we bloggers and some other friends gathered at Secret Recipe for this Secret Santa thingy as an early Christmas celebration. Thanks Steph for the cuppycakes 🙂 Earlier, we have already picked up(secretly) the name of the person that we r supposed to buy presents for. We can only reveal and giv […]

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