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We Love Walls

What turns you on? Hot chicks? Charming guys? For us, walls turn us on. Yes. Walls. Plain walls. Or any walls. Or brick walls. Or colourful walls. Or watever walls.. u get what i mean. We went to Bryan’s birthday dinner the other day at Souled Out, Sri Hartamas and we couldnt resist the wall […]

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Nanxiang Mantou Dian

When you are bored of eating nasi lemak, or KFC, or fish n chips, why not try some Shanghai Food? This time smashpOp brings you to the magical land of Shanghai.. where people eat and sleep everyday like everyone else does. Presenting the restaurant that Shanghai people call home, “Nanxiang Mantou Dian”. These photos were […]

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I Love Original Recipe

Long long time ago… about 2-3 weeks back.. we went for lunch at KFC.. the place where they fry chickens. This was mine… snack plate original recipe with 2 ribs. smashpOp does not like Hot n Spicy at all.. he only likes Original Recipe. the skin… damn nice cheesy wedges.. i like too! I normally […]

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Goodbye Slinky

IM NOT GOING TO PENANG ALREADY!!!!!!!!! mum sick. pOp good boy stay home take care of her 😛 ——————————– So last week we had lunch at Secret Recipe cos it was Slinky’s very last day in Xfresh. He is also the last intern in the Xfresh history. ahhahaa Supposed to be the Emo Trio.. but […]

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