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Unwrapping Presents

Finally! time to unwrap presents! ahha Thanks steph for this photo Thanks Jed for the photos below Everyone chipped in and bought me a tshirt and a Nike Cap. Rames got a tshirt and a Nike bottle. ok last few photos I took from All Stars Cafe Back row: Rames, Steph, Sylvia Front row: Jen, […]

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All Stars Cafe

so after lunching at kim gary, we walked around the mall to waste time. ahaha cos the dinner was at 7pm and we finished our session at kim gary at about 4pm. Jen and munyee went shopping and we guys.. had no choice but to follow them around. At 7pm, we went to All Stars […]

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Eat cameras at Kimgary

on March 10, I went to midvalley for lunch with Shawn and Jen at KimGary. it was sorta like a meet up before he went for national service.. n then after makan makan halfway.. jed and mun yee joined us… some pics.. after finished snapping pics, we kept our cams… when jed wanted to take […]

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Bollywood Poser Turns 27

on 5th March.. we went to celebrate Rames’ birthday at Chilis Midvalley. Jen was supposed to trick Rames to give him an impression that she was dating him… but the bollywood poser found out about the whole birthday dinner thing.. so.. yea.. NO FUN LAH YOU RAMES! AHUHUA PRETEND KAO A BIT CAN? oh btw.. […]

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Mandarin ala China

ok lets get back to the story of us at Red Box and timessquare bowling center posing n taking photos in front of the orange wall. After that, we went walking around n then someone suggested we go have some drinks.. or eat a bit.. so we went to Shanghai 10 in Sg. Wang. The […]

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