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Cherries Birthday

on 12th this month, a few colleagues and I went to this Vietnamese Restaurant in Midvalley to celebrate Cherrie’s birthday. Pics of us! The usuals. Then we talked n talked n talked until they served our food. 😀 Cherrie ordered this. Nice ah cherrie? Never let me try wan dat day.. cis. Jen’s grilled chicken. […]

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Eunice Punya Birthday

on the 7th of this month, I went to Eunice’s birthday party at her house… reached there quite early so we sat in the living room talking crap. then at about 8pm, Eunice told us that the food was ready… so we ran out of the house and started our all-you-can-eat-at-eunice-birthday-party. She also invited a […]

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Miss Wide

This morning, I woke up with a smile on my face. I looked into the mirror… and I told myself…. “mouth damn smelly. faster brush teeth can!” okok crap. anyways…. I bought a new lens today. It’s the 11-18mm f4.5-5.6 DT for my Alpha. Wide angle lens. So that I can capture more than what […]

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Makan makan in Ipoh

Ipoh mali… Ipoh Ipoh mali… so here we are.. our last destination.. Ipoh old town. Called up Jen and asked her where to find good food and she directed me to the old town. A bit hard to find.. but eventually we will be able to see osme kopitiam around.. Saw many people entering this […]

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Beach Jump

ok lah.. Good Chatrlotte fever ended. Now let us get back to my Penang Fairytale. So after eating bbq at that Seoul Garden restaurant at Gurney Plaza.. we went back to hotel to rest. the next day… before we went to the temple for chingming… I visited the beach outside my hotel again. this marks […]

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Good Charlotte

final post about THE concert. can you spot anyone familiar here? few more photos i believe this guy is called Billy i took about 20 shots of this guy using burst mode. thats it! finish! 😀 final video… recorded using my N95 Click To Play

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