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Lunch at the I

Last week I went for lunch with 2 frens I knew many many years ago.. lol We went makan at Dragon I midvalley.. and I erm… didnt bring my SLR.(that explains the banner at the beginning of this post under the title) iris… met her only a few times few years ago… but we talked […]

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They got kicked out

Part 2 of So You Think You Can Dance? Competition. this post has 8 pictures… the most in 1 post in the history of ahahah More photos of the dancers in action! woot! dennis in action everyone calls Jimmy the dance king.. hmm the 2nd last couple to appear and their dance was Samba. […]

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So You Think You Can Dance

2 weeks ago, I went to Ruums for the live telecast of “So You Think You Can Dance” competition. This is how the stage looks like in real life.. taken with my Wide of course. First couple to appear on stage… All dancers have to face the judges and hear their critics after their performances. […]

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I wanna be a Lala

***Photos below were taken using Jen’s camera and some were scanned by Rames*** ———- Remember the Smurfs theme song? It goes something like this.. “la la la la la la.. sing a happy song…” or maybe that’s too old for you… then do u remember the song by Ashlee Simpson “i wanna be a lala! […]

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Claypot Pirates

I went to watch Pirates3 again last night. Thanks NUFFNANG for giving us bloggers free movie tickets, pOpcorn and drinks 🙂 The one and only photo I managed to take last night. It was nearly 1am when everyone left… the 3 of us were still there.. doing nothing. Oh the 3 Js were in red […]

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Wide Fashion

HAHAHA just back from Pirates 3 screening. All I can say is that… it is not as good as expected… and part 2 was A LOT better.. and Chow Yuen Fatt died in the midle of the movie. ahha ok curse me for the spoiler. 😀 2 weeks ago I met up with some buddies […]

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