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Dinner at Carls Jr

After leaving the Star Celeb roadshow, I met up with Chris and Maverick for dinner at Carl’s Jr. From this, I expected the burger to be big… really big… the place was actually quite small.. n looked a bit like burger king. Here’s my combo set! A double western beef burger, small fries and a […]

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StarCeleb Dance

The contestants were then asked to step down from the stage cos they have to learn dancing steps from the 2 professional dancers! the lady dancer then the contestants were given like 45 minutes to practise…. that was when it got boring… ahhaa the host… spotted sitting at one corner waiting for them to finish […]

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Star Celeb Roadshow

On saturday, I went to 1utama to meet up with some friends for dinner. but before that I was at the gym when Josh smsed me. “fai dit lei ah! sikalang mau start la itu show….” of course the message was in proper english… so i rushed there with the intention of taking photos of […]

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Carls Jr robbed me

It’s sunday again! How come time passes so quickly? hmmm anyways… I went to try Carl’s Jr. just now at 1 Utama… I ordered double bacon beef… something.. combo which consists of 1 burger, 1 small fries and 1 small cup for bottomless drinks… it costed me RM22…. OMFG… RM22!!!! next time if anyone wants […]

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Story of the 3 Black Ts

Remember the story about my SE K800i being jealous cos I kept posting photos taken using the Alpha? Well.. i dont want it to happen to my N95 … so yea… here u go… some pics taken using my phone. Presenting…. Story of the 3 Black Tees. Black Tshirt 1 My Heroes Tshirt… wore it […]

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Ayamas Putrajaya

so only 2 person guessed it right. it rained! and we ran ran ran ran ran to our cars! drove to the nearby mosque.. waited for like 45 minutes… but it was still raining.. so we decided to call it day.. and went to Alamanda Putrajaya for dinner. we went to Ayamas! ahha everyone was […]

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