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My new workplace

WEeee… some pics of my new workplace Not as nice as Astro… but then no choice la kan? ahah Really look like an office now.. hmmm will it be as fun as before? My humble cubicle. wow…. i didnt realise i have so many icons til now. hahaah must clean up I am slowly adding […]

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Goodbye Fishtank Jump

On 1st February this year…. I left Xfresh and joined MIT.. which is a company in the same Astro building. I was asked to move to the MIT side but I refused to do so. I told them, I can do MIT work in the Xfresh HQ eventhough I am not part of the Radio […]

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LG Launch Event

Few days ago, I got invited by Mikemmery to attend the LG new models launching event at Rennaisance Hotel organised by his company. I went there with Jen and KeeLuen and we were very hungry… then we realised we were provided with an 8-course meal.. wah happy gila Everyone gets an LG KG500 that night […]

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Fireworks at Putrajaya

Putrajaya fotos continued. I only took 1 photo of the fireworks from far…. The reason we went to Putrayaja that day was just to have a look at the surroundings and to find out the location of the fireworks. The proper fireworks shoot will take place soon. 😀 the fireworks show ended 5 minutes later. […]

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Busy Saturday

Hi all! How was your saturday? I woke up at 8 this morning and went to ofice to finish up some stuff (i dont work on saturdays… only today) then at about 11am.. Hikaru came to my office and then we went to Sunway Pyramid… but halfway.. he met an accident.. minor one so he […]

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We went to Putrajaya

Last week I went to Putrajaya with Hikaru and Eunice to witness the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition. We went there on the 2nd day. We reached there at 7pm… so we walked around n took some pics. We were supposed to go there and meet some friends for dinner at Alamanda. suddenly the sky turned […]

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