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Goodbye A100

I am now officially dSLRless…. cos I sold off my A100 just now… hmm to those who hav been asking me if I am buying Canon or Nikon…. notice that I said I “sold my A100″… and not “sold my Alpha”… also…. I didnt sell any of my lenses! Isn’t that a super big hint […]

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Jen Killed The Cake

OMG ANOTHER WEEK PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways…. I just came back from Jen’s bday dinner at Codo midvalley with the rest of the gang. Here’s a photo of her killing the cake Happy bday again siao jen!!!! and erm….. im selling my camera tomoro…. so.. this will be the last time me using it to take pics. […]

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Fatty Crab

2 weeks ago… we all suddenly got the urge to eat crab…. so everyone gathered everyone and we all went to Fatty Crab at Mines for dinner. i damn long nvr eat crab d…. so nice… crab rox! we had vege and fried rice too! The vege is called “choi tam” in cantonese. and here […]

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I touched iPod touch

The all new “Conversation” application by Nokia, for your Nseries. Click to SymbianpOp to know more. 2-3 weeks ago… our office got a new furniture…. a leather chair that we placed at the entrance against the yellow wall. I couldnt resist but to jump with it. and erm… today…. i got touched! Touched by the […]

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Goodbye TechEd 07

Has anyone watched Heroes Season 2 Episode 1 yet? ahahahhaa 4 months later…. Suresh in Cairo… Hiro is at Kyoto…. Claire in Texas…. Nathan got janggut…. and erm… Peter Petrelli…. hmmmmmmmm 😀 ok anyways…. this is the finale post about TechEd The siao butterfly was actually Jen! Yay to those who guessed correctly hehe We […]

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Siao Butterfly

A lotttttttttttttttt of people asked if i can show real photos of the Alpha package I’m selling…. so I grabbed my N95 and took this photo. Now everyone happy? (i mean those who asked la.. lol) Tech Ed continued… We all changed to our Windows Live tshirts…. the design is at the back.. so u […]

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