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Chicken Hotpot

2-3 weeks ago, we went searching for new place to have lunch… and we found this shop! it’s called “Chicken Hotpot” in Kuchai Lama. They claim that the food they serve originated from China… but dono lah true or not. As usual before we eat, right after we found our seats, we all love to […]

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Lil Vampires

I miss Cherrie! lol… we havent been seeing her for quite sometime already… I still remember.. one of the siao things cherrie, jen and i did last time… was to take infra red photos using Albert’s cam. and I made it into a lil comic. For those who has seen this in 2006, can see […]

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Happy Junn

More food from Chilis! we camho non stop until we heard birthday song sang by the Chilis food servers. as usual… the birthday person will get a complimentary ice cream mudpie and a birthday song. haha then we all pun sing song lor… selamat hari jadi… jook lei sang san fai lok…. and gave presents […]

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Junns Bday Dinner

on 13th october, we went to Chilis Midvalley to celebrate Junn’s birthday. We occupied 2 tables cos 1 table memang too kecik for us. Who came? The regulars… do, re, mi, fa, so, la and ti Jacklyn, Jen, Adrian Me, Hiew, Rames then then then…. got a group of “saw few times before but never […]

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Fortune Windmill

last few photos from my first visit to the 9th Emperor Temple. we spent like 10 minutes at the entrance camhoring. lol. no la basically we were taking a lot of slow shutter pics.. thats why took so long. all these were handheld.. at 11mm, 1sec, iso500. another slow shutter photo. haha.. had to force […]

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