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Jan 2 March 07

It’s that time again when we would look back on what we did and say “WOW… so much have happened” So here’s a short recap of what happened and the fotos I have posted throughout the year 2007. I will be highlighting 2-4 events from each month… the rest will be just plain texts. 😀 […]

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RedWhite Gang

ok more fotos from TGIF. Cherrie! why r u not in white?!??!!? ahha Adrian’s fish and my dessert kesedapan tak terhingga. ahhaa Since we were in red and white…. we took 2 group shots. White gang got more members! woot! lol we were camhoring n talking n laffing when we felt a bit hot… Pavilion […]

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Secret Santa at TGIF

I’ve been posting a lot of outdated photos lately…. Penang ones were too outdated… so i thought… ok la… I should post something fresh. On 25th, we celebrated Christmas at TGIF Pavilion. The dresscode for the night was “White or Red” so I wore this. 2 weeks ago, Cherrie created a system that generated random […]

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Penang Finale

finally! we have reached the very last few photos from Penang. I shot a dog at the clock tower… ahahha dog says “i cute hor? bring me home can?” we then walked over to the jetty to shoot a few more photos. thats QE 2… one of the new attractions in Penang.. ahha clubbing on […]

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Clock Tower

ok! 2nd last Penang post! 😀 we left the clan house and went to this place for desserts damn nice lo the dessrts… see see i ordered this… mango… icecream…. something… forgot the name… but damn nice we then went back to air itam and had chicken rice there. i think KL chicken rice nicer […]

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lets continue our Penang journey.. heeh we met up with 2 of the gangster leaders in Penang… they caught us taking photos at the area under their supervision. as we walked to see them, we were actually kinda scared. although we r scared…. we had to put on a cool image.. ahah and after a […]

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