2008 Countdown

Woot! What did we do on new years eve?

we went to Planet Hollywood for dinner… butthen the new years set meal too pricey..

so we went over to Pavilion to find an eating place that can fit 16 ppl…

in the end we went to PastaMania. lol

photo curi-ed from Jen’s blog.

after eating, we went out to the streets and ended up sitting at the junction in the middle of Bukit Bintang.

See the video. lol

then it rained!!! we(and the whole BB crowd) ran around to find shelter. lol damn funny scene there….

then I got bored of the people there spraying foam on each other… so I walked to Pavilion with Rames and Dude..

i met Lynda there… my high skoooool mate

seriously… the ambience at Pavilion is more exciting than Sg Wang! and spraying cans are prohibited. WOOT!

after everyone screamed 5 4 3 2 1 happy new year… we left BB and went to Cheras for makan.

Steven’s corner was packed like tuna can… so we went to the nearby McD


now…. can you guys help me decide?

don say you wanna go Muar ok? cos those photos will only be up after these 3. lol

so decide now! you got 24 hours. 😀


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