2008 Rewind: June

In June 2008, we……….

Celebrated Jed’s birthday at La Bodega, Pavilion.
[Jeds Magical Dinner]  [OMG MAGIC!]

Colleagues and I went to look out point to makan-makan
[Natalies Farewell @ LookOut]

Faraa bought some of us lunch at Nandos
[Nandos with Faraa]

June was also the last month for our colleague Natalie in the office.  Took some farewell photos.
[Goodbye Natalie]

We had a lil Hitz chatters gathering too! It’s for all of us who were chatters at the IRC channel back in the year 2000.
[Hitz.fm Chatters Gathering]

We went to see Marie Digby Lin in KL!
[Marie Had a Lil Lamb]

Herbert came to KL n bunked at my place.. so I brought him around KL for 3 days 2 nights.
[Herbert in KL] [Oldtown Chakri Palace] [KL Tower Jump] [Silhouette Jump] [Damn nice bridge] [Handstand & Jump] [This is AQUARIAAAAA!] [Group camho]

Continuing the success of KL freeze, we had the KLX that involved big group of people moving from kl Sentral to KLCC

We went to the Agriculture Park at Shah Alam for cycling and camhoring.. ahaha
[Hello Agriculture Park!] [Paddy Field Jump] [We climb trees]

I appeared on SURF! magazine and on Sunday Times too.. oh and also CHIP magazine!
[Urbanscapes & Me in Mags]




  1. EVo

    Hehe..i saw u in surf mag. but that mag seems to have stopped terbitan..why ah..

  2. lishun

    there’s no xfresh chatters gathering ke? hehe.

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