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Disneyland Parade

so what was everyone waiting for? ahahah it was the parade! featuring all the cartoon characters 😀 here’s a video the toy soldiers rox! they walk and dance exactly like in the Toy Story animation. Another video! 😀 ok after the parade we went for lunch… then we got ourselves into the world of Tarzan […]

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Buzz Lightyear n me

I am writing on behalf of the Lee’s family in awakening of the tragic Slim River Bus Crash incident. Lee Nian Ning (1987-2008) and 2 other people have passed away from this horrific incident. Nothing we can do to turn back the time but there is one thing we can do which is to prevent […]

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3 things

HELLO EVERYONE. Welcome to the pOpworld Keynote 2008. Today, I will present to you 3 things. A quiz. A countdown. A question. ………. Let’s start off with no.1…. A quiz. I guess you guys can guess it already. Haha. ok moving on. No.2…. A countdown. Can’t wait for this. Anyone in Sydney wanna meet up? […]

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Lui Yan Kai

ok back to HongKong posts. After wax museum and dinner and all… we went to the young entrepreneur fair nearby our hotel and he was the host for one of the shows there anyone who can tell me his name, I will give u a prize. erm… ok i take that back. lol from there, […]

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Quiksilver Revolution 2.0

I JUST CAME BACK FROM QUIKSILVER REVOLUTION 2.0 AT SUNWAY LAGOON! ROXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!! ahahhaah *Thanks NigelSia for the tickets and thanks Albert for the beercan lens.* I’ll talk about it more after my Hongkong posts ok? in the meantime, let me show you 3 photos and 1 video that I took from the event just now. […]

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