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Sydney Jump

holla! its Monday again… so lets get back to our Sydney posts ok. On the 2nd day in Sydney, we decided to go around the city by ourselves (me n Paul) and the first thing we did was to look for food. lol we walked around and landed in this mall called TGV… see Paul […]

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Popcrap Saturday

As we mark the end of my fotos for DAY 1 Sydney, let’s have some POPCRAPs! 😀 Today we have 3 of ’em. POPCRAP 1 Guess what people! Again, I found an interesting site to share with you guys. Lol Its called eoe online. If you like photo gallery, buy-sell features, and chances to win […]

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Kings Cross, Baby!

ok we were supposed to meet at the hotel lobby at 630pm for dinner… but Paul and I went down earlier to take some photos. Thanks PaulTan for taking this shot for me 😀 and then we went out and walked across the street for some slow shutter shots… n also so take foto of […]

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See You Darling!

ok I walked over to the other side of the harbour just cos i was wondering what was on the other side. guess what. another lonely girl! ahahahahahahhahaah okok lets continue. more shots. and more random shots. and then it was time to leave the harbour… cos was a bit bored of it already. lol… […]

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Harbour Walk

ok after eating… must walk… must digest. so i walked… alone. damn sad. the ladies wanted to go shopping or starbucks or something… the 2 guys wanted to go walk somewhere… and PaulTan left his dslr in the hotel.. so he had to walk back to get it. so yea… i shoot alone lo. another […]

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