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Emo I Shall Not

I went to collect my emo specs today… a bit tak biasa cos this one is bigger than my previous one… so anyways… here’s me n my emo specs. Not that obvious but next time u’ll see it in all my photos d. 😀 ok redang redang redang… after taking those few shots of the […]

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This is my leg

I WAS ON “THE STAR” NEWSPAPER TODAY! just in case some of you who missed it, here’s a photo of the page… taken using my N82. If you really really wanna read the article, can click to the online article here ok back to redang post. Since the photo above is so damn big, I’m […]

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Rain Jump

ok back to Redang post. After we emo for about 30minutes, the rain kinda stopped for a while… but it was already quite dark that time.. all of us, at the same time said “DONT CARE” and we ran to the beach to take some photos… but it started to rain again when we were […]

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Soh Hem Sem

Happy sunday people! 😀 Let’s have a look at todays POPCRAPs. POPCRAP 1 All my friends call me hemsem hemsem hemsem… but recently… I found someone also as Hemsem as me… Lemme introduce to you Mr. Soh Hem Sem. Seems like he’s always there at to show off his nicely groomed hair…. But don […]

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We Emo

After the challenge at the beach, we quickly moved on to the park where we had to “enter the enemy base” and each of us must avoid the mines. since the mines were buried in the ground, we should not see it, therefore we were asked to blindfold ourselves. A member will guide the blindfolded […]

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The 4 Challenges

(photos in this post were taken by me, Jepf and Ijan) The next day, we woke up early to have breakfast. all looked blur ahahhaa and after breakfast, we went for the team building talk… which took about 2 hours… then it was fun time! we were all divided into 4 groups and each must […]

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