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More photos from the dinner! Me, Ck, Josh and Rames…. we all hemsem rite? (faster say yes.. ahhahha) After the dinner we danced like siao ppl and fengtau kao kao ahahaha Albert pun sudah high… not bad weh more drunkards and not to forget… the big group shot Watch this video! ahahhahaah The next day […]

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Teacher bullied pOp

After playing water, we rested and got ready for our annual dinner. The theme that night was “Back to School”. Some photos. Not quite sexy chiqs la… cos the ‘gal’ in blue skirt was actually a guy ahhahaha I got punished cos caught flirting with the girls.. 🙁 so I went to mix with the […]

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Hello Redang!

BEACH! SUN! SAND!… WIND! WATER! EARTH! HEART! FIRE!……. “by your powers combined… I.. am CAPTAIN PLANET!” eh? out of topic…. but anyways… it was once of my favourite cartoon when i was still a minipOp. Ok ok back to our post… in February we went for a company trip at Redang Island. (Some photos are […]

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Dinner at PrinceCafe

Long long time ago… early last month i think… we had dinner at Prince Cafe Midvalley. Let me attempt a post without text ok? lets start NOW! ——– DOT DOT DOT ——— ——— DOT DOT DOT ———- ahahah hows that? no text also can understand kan? damn best. anyways…. let’s go to the beach tomoro!!

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Absolute Disco

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S SUNDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY LOLOLOL and every Sunday is a POPCRAP day. Why POPCRAP? Cos Sunday is a day when most of us are out and may not have time to see blogs… so I post simple n random stuff only la… hence the POPCRAP term. Let’s start! Today we have…. lemme see *flips envelopes*… […]

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SiaoGang Visits pOp

some time back… the Siao Gang visited me at my place. (Back row: Jed, Jacklyn, Jen, Eunice, Junn) (Front row: Eugene. Eri, me, Hiew and friend) what we did? nothing much… just makan makan makan… eri seems to like the garlic bread a lot… ahhaha she held it up for every photo… why ah? nice […]

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