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Cherrie Bday @ Sushi Zanmai

ok nearly 2 months ago, we celebrated Cherrie’s birthday at Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens. Sushiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Sobaaaaaaaaaaaaa ok here comes our faces lol after eating we cut cake n sang bday song! I think you can still view the video that i was streaming live that time if you CLICK HERE That’s Cherrie cutting the rockhard […]

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Wireless Challenge Finale

ok we have finally reached the last post on the adventure…. so when we returned to 1U.. everyone was still busy uploading the photos including us. ahaa and at 930pm, everyone finished uploading and the judging took place. While waiting for the results, we took photos. everyone was happy and glad cos we have finally […]

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Running in Timessquare

ok we ran around at places like titiwangsa, kepong, look out point, ampang point, timessquare, sg wang, bukit bintang, jalan ampang, supermarkets, bowling alleys, and 1 utama… all in 4 hours. ahah siao can! We submitted about 15 photos… 3 for each category. here are 5 of em. “Evening shopping” “Evening Game” “Eatery that serves […]

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The Adventure Begins!

(photos below were taken by Jason Chan unless mentioned) ok… finally it was the moment we’ve been waiting for… the Nokia Wireless Adventure was about to start! We all gathered at the stage and the host welcomed us and told us abit about the race.. and he then asked us to go on stage to […]

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Starbucks b4 briefing

After jumping, we also took a few photos. I first camho-d with Jason Chan.. lol Jason n Jason Damn friendly guy… he will be the one taking ur photos from this point onwards cos we had to keep all our cameras before the race. then another shot with David! ok since we were still early, […]

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Adventure Jump

ok back to Nokia Wireless Adventure. After breakfast, after buying pouches for our N82s, we went back to our rooms to get changed and packed our bags. We then gathered at Bakerzin at 1230pm cos Nokia booked half the restaurant for us to have lunch there. We reached there a bit early so we camho […]

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