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All new

HELLO PEOPLE! May I present you the design for the month of July… and also a brand new blog system.. cos I’m finally on WordPress!!! lololololol First of, new additions. Photography tab Now when you click on the “photography” button, it links you to the photo gallery supported by lightbox! Go on and view the […]

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We climb trees

Let’s get back to our Agricultre Park post. After posing at the look out point nearby the lily pond, we moved on to another part of the park. Photos below taken using Rames’s camera We stopped to rest after cycling uphill. That’s my bag, cap, water and shoes lol We then saw a big tree!… […]

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Urbanscapes & Me in Mags

2 POPCRAPs in a week??????? OMG what is this??????????? Today oni got 2 CRAPs la ok. POPCRAP 1 I went to Urbanscapes today with Jiok at KLPAC. 3 words to describe. HOT. SWEAT. FUN. TIRED. (ok 4 words la k) Lemme show u guys 3 photos first.. the rest ill blog it again soon. There […]

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Interpret This

In 007, he introduces himself as .. BOND,.. JAMES BOND. In 003, he introduces himself as .. CRAP,.. POP CRAP. POPCRAP 1 Yes… it is… but when? I’m not sure myself. ahahhaha POPCRAP 2 Took this few days ago using my N82. Can you interpret this? POPCRAP 3 So have you enough friends to help […]

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Hello Agriculture Park!

ok last month we gathered and went to the Agriculture Park at Shah Alam to cycle and also to enjoy the scenery there. Met up at Bukit Jalil McD for breakfast at 9am and off we went after that. We arrived there at about 1030 and rented a bicycle each.. We then cycled to our […]

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