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The Dark Knight Screening

OK on the 15th July, I went for The Dark Knight premiere screening at GSC Signature, The Gardens, presented by Nokia. Thats me and some friends waiting for the buffet dinner to be served. At about 8pm we all went in and started eating like nobody’s business.. haha free food rox 😀 The gurls seems […]

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Mummy 3

Hi all, I just came back from the premiere screening of Mummy 3. One thing I can tell you now……TRY TO WATCH OTHER MOVIES IF YOU CAN. LOL It’s not nice lar… storyline is ridiculous, acting SUX, jokes are lame, CGI damn fake and mixing both mandarin and english is stupid (imagine… chinese warrior emperor […]

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Jalan-jalan @ Urbanscapes

So after the live performances, we went out of the building and walked around the vicinity. I saw this at the entrance of the KLPAC building. Creative? I dont quite understand tho. ahahha We walked around the marketplace and met a lot of friends there.. ahah Joyce Kinkybluefairy was selling some stuff under one of […]

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Singsong @ Urbanscapes

Finally it’s time to post my photos taken at Urbanscapes last month. 😀 I went there with Jiok… and we reached KLPAC around 2pm. The moment we arrived we went to Hall 1.. and took some photos of the band performance there. Damn chun ok the lightings.. 😀 When I arrived, there were already many […]

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Japanese calls their wine “Sake”… but Koreans doesnt call it by the same name. They call it Popcrap. POPCRAP 1 Just came back from Wabisabi; Yakitori Bar, at Plaza TTDI. Was there for their 1st anniversary celebration aka free food & free flow of drinks party. ahahha As usual, 2 photos for now and detailed […]

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