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Streets of Macau

Now lets get back to our Macau tour… After lunch, we planned to go for a walk… so I took photos along the way… This place is near my hotel… the whole stretch of shops sell only gold watches, mobile phones and pharmacy. Its a very weird street.. >.< As I was crossing the road, […]

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My N96

Supposed to continue my Macau photos today but I cant wait to share some photos of my new toy with you guys.. hehe Let’s have a look at the device in closeup. It’s Nokia’s flagship device this year, continuing the greatness of the N95. It comes with 3G, Wifi, 16gb internal memory (and supports memory […]

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Me in Heroes

POPCRAP 1 Remember I told you I was in Heroes Season 3 Ep.00? Some of you asked when did I appear cos they couldnt find me in the video… ahhaha Here’s a shot of me in it. The exact time when I appeared was 3min 20sec. Go check it out… ahha it was shot during […]

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Hello Macau!

Hohohho so last month I went to Macau with my parents… it was my first time there… I booked this Air asia tickets since… May i think… lol RM69 per ticket… not including tax n etc etc.. quite cheap.. I heard from my friends that Macau is damn best… isit very the best? lol Travel […]

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MIFC 2008

OK seems like a lot of you decided for me to blog about Macau.. ahhaha but let’s just clear this one first. MIFC 2008 Fireworks Competitoon at Putrajaya last month…. OK let the fireworks begin! Eh how come got black tiang there ??? ahahahhahahahahahaha now only i noticed Ahhhh now this is cleared….. Let’s pack […]

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What to blog tomorrow?

Weeeee I just came back from ‘buka puasa’ dinner with my colleagues at Centro, KL Sentral. Here’s a photo from just now. Will post the rest of the photos … in probably… 2 months time. ahhahahaha OK as some of you might know… I have damn a lot of pending posts until i dono what […]

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