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Nokia N96 Jump

This is the final post for N96 Launch event So it was my turn to play Asphalt 3D using the N96. Nothing much to do after that… so I took more photos of the device itself. The N96 playing the promotional video, “Face The Task” Then talked abit with the N79 girl and asked her […]

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Hi all… I just came back form gym and I’ve got some stuff to do. N96 post will continue tomorrow. For now… just look at this photo of me Taken 2 days ago by Chrysler.

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N96 launch event

This is part 2 of “N96 launch event” So after the big guy announced the N96 on stage, models came out holding the device showing off to everyone. The nokia managers joined them. During the event, there was band performances and booths for ppl to try out the Asphalt 3D game on the N96. A […]

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Porsche Cayman Jump

Phew… finally 3 days of Double Exposure workshop has ended… starting now onwards it’s pure competition. Anyways, here are 2 photos from today. What are the chances of one being able to jump next to an RM700,000 Porsche Cayman with studio lights? Haha (Added to smashpOp Jumpilation) OK back to my posts. On 26th August, […]

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Orchid Farm Lean

Yo! Wassup yo! lol So after bird park, we decided to go visit the Orchid farm also.. which was just across the road. 2 foreign tourists wanted to take photo with us when we were taking our own group shots… funny ahah Here comes the flower shots…. (i seldom do flower shots.. cos im not […]

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DoublExposure Day 1

“My name is CRAP… POPCRAP” POPCRAP 1 Today is the first day of our Double Exposure journey. The 30 of us were at the workshop whole day to learn about photography, getting to know each other and getting teammates. Unfortunately, today is the only day that we can bring cameras there cos tomoro onwards everything […]

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