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Eri’s House Warming

In november, we went for Eri’s house warming + birthday. Here comes photos full of our faces and faces only. Actually… if I post photos of people like this… I dont need to say anything else…. Since all the names are in the photos already… Like this photo… I didnt expect everyone to be able […]

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I is Flying Fox!

(This is the last post about Samsung Innov8 Run) The run lasted one whole day… we travelled the whole KL… from PJ to Jalan Sultan Ismail to Midvalley to KL Tower to Sg. Wang to PetalingStreet to Batu Caves to Setapak to Melawati and many many other places. Here are some photos I managed to […]

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Ready to run!

This is part 2 of Samsung Innov8 Run (Photos taken using Nokia N96 and Samsung Innov8) So after taking photos of Fab4, I took with Marcus pula. Then Bryan saw and wanted to do the same. lol By then, the rest of the people have already went out of the building to put on the […]

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Santa Attacks!

“Hey KFC changed it’s name to Kitchen Fresh Chicken….” “Sure bo… dont lie lah!” “You think I POPCRAP ah?” POPCRAP 1 I finally got the time to watch IP MAN (Pronounced ‘Yip Man’) yesterday. Damn nice movie I’d say. Anyone hasnt seen it yet? I better not spoil anything. ahahah and yes, you HAVE to […]

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Run! Innov8 Run!

Finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I’m posting photos from November… hehehe Sometime in October, we got an invitation from Samsung to join the Innov8 Run and we were happy that the 4 of us got selected. haha (Photos below taken using Samsung Innov8 and Nokia N96) There were some other of our friends who got selected too.. hence we […]

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