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To Singapore We Went

Back in December, my parents and I went to Singapore for a 2 days trip… or was it 3 days.. i forgot. lol cos I wanted to go see the Xmas lights at Orchard rd. and they wanted to just go Sg for fun.. lol We arrived at KL Sentral 1 hour before departure so […]

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What do YOU predict?

Hey people…. tomorrow we go travelling ok? For those who wants to join me, lets meet up tomorrow and visit Singapore together starting from the next blogpost. Hahaha.. virtual travelling la konon. My predictions above might not be exact. Probably you can tell me your predictions.

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Pasta Zanmai Jr

Back in December, Wenzi and friends came to KL for a few days and I met up with them at Carl’s Jr Pavilion. The moment I arrived, they were already eating so I quickly ordered and joined them. We finally managed to finish the food.. and started taking some photos. Wenzi’s friends, Pei Pei and […]

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Pitt & Nadiah’s Big Day

Back in December, I attended Pitt and Nadiah’s wedding dinner. They invited all of us from Xfresh, since both of them were from Xfresh also. Here they come.. walking towards the stage. They were like celebrities! Everyone was taking photos of both of them on stage…. including me.. ahaha but they look very lovely together… […]

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Back Breakers Wet Gabai

Hi people, I just came back from the Boys Toys event at Breakers, Hartamas. The main reason there was to actually witness the canggihness of the super bikes and super cars…. but then of kos not as important as these lor.. makan minum. 😀 A photo of some of us there… the rest of them […]

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Stripped and Wet

One of the outings we had in December was at Sungai Gabai… waterfall.. river kinda outing so yes, it was a wet one. hehe The Siao Gang gathered in the morning, had dim sum and drove all the way to a deep deep forest in one of the kampung at Hulu Klang.. so deep the […]

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