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Bkt. Gasing and The Interview

Woot! I just came back from an interview session with LYN. The video will be up on LowyatTV within these 2 weeks. Here’s a shot from just now. Ok let’s go back to my pending posts from January. One of the episodes of Double Exposure we went shooting at Bukit Gasing. We arrived there 630am.. […]

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Media Hangout

More photos from Nokia 5800 launch! Met BoonKheng there… they were promoting Youth09 at Pavilion. A lot of the people there were already buying the XpressMusic device at the event! Including my colleague Yunus and his friend. Then it was time for the 2nd session fo the event… social media hangout. There were unlimited food […]

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Nokia 5800 Launch Event

9th of January was the day the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic was launched in KL. They had an event at the main entrance of Pavilion. I was invited to the event and also the after party session at La Bodega. I was late to the event as I had to shoot one of the episodes of […]

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KL Design Broadband Theory

“Hi, can you explain to me the theory of broadband in KL Design Week?” “WHAT THE CRAP!?!??” POPCRAP 1 Last week I attended the DiGi broadband launch event at Good Evening Bangkok. It was an OK event… food was ok… the presentation was ok as well.. Here’s a photo of the Digi Broadband core team. […]

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Lights off! Torchlights please

Woot! smashpOp supports Earth Hour! In conjunction with the day we switch off lights for 1 hour, I have already switch off the lights on my blog for the day. So have you got your torchlights? Hahaha IF YOU SEE NO DIFFERENCE IN THE HEADER, Please hard refresh the page by pressing “CTRL+f5” Here’s my […]

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TJ’s Back and TGIF

Back in January, TJ, a very very old friend from the early Xfresh days, came back for a few weeks from Australia and we met up for dinner. We also called up some super old friends along. We dinnered at TGIF Pavilion. I only managed to take fotos of 2 burgers though.. ahaha everyone was […]

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