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KL Design Week 09

After having lunch at Yut Kee, I went to Capsquare to have a walkabout at the KL Design Week expo. There were a lot of designers in KL that week for the event… but they had conferences at places like KLCC and KL Tower… this one at Capsquare were just exhibitions and galleries. Most of […]

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Historical Yut Kee

Went for dinner at Pasta Zanmai, Midvalley just now with Kingston and Cindy. More photos will be up in August. ———– 3 months ago, on the 28th March, I went for lunch with mum at this super old kopitiam called Yut Kee. I heard that this place has been around for generations… but not sure […]

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Urbanscapes Marathon

Oh no… Marathon is in 6 hours time!! I need to sleep now….. POPCRAP 1 We went to Urbanscapes today at KLPAC Sentul. Here’s a preview post. The Urbanscapes Jump. (Photo added to my JUMPILATION) Some lomo cameras being sold at the Marketplace. Iz us! Met them at the event. Nice meeting you, miss Snow […]

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569th Shot of Us

The title is just for fun…. we did not take 569 photos that night. lol I think it was out 5th group shot… but everyone in Nandos was kinda staring at us already.. Time to put the cake into our mouths!!! Want a piece? We forced a big piece of cake into Eddy’s mouth… he […]

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DoubleExposure Reunion

Exactly 1 week after my birthday, which was on 27th March,  some of my fellow Double Exposure buddies and I went for a reunion dinner thingymajig at Nandos Midvalley. We havent been seeing each other for 2 months already after we finished recording the reality show. Here are photos of us… ahaha an introduction. Szetoo […]

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