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Ruumate SuetMei Birthday Finale

Monte Carlo photos will continue tomoro.. in the meantime, here are some photos from the 2 events I attended just now. Most Wanted Ruumate finale at Loft @ Upstairs. Wah… female Dhalsim. lol Niki, me and the 2 hawt Ruumatez, Ellie and Amanda. It was all about camwhoring just now.. lol Kingston is also another […]

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Lamborghini & F1 Track

On the way to the port, I realised I was at the F1 Grand Prix audience area by the roadside. FYI, the roads in the city in Monte Carlo are used as F1 tracks. This is one of the shots I got from Google. It’s F1 in Monte Carlo… and it’s the exact spot I […]

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Monte Carlo Jump

This is the 5th post of my trip to Monte Carlo to attend the Nokia Developer Summit 09 happened 3 months ago. After walking around the area in front of Fairmont hotel, I went to the back of it and the slope up brought me to the top of the hotel. As you can see […]

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Lonely Lunch @ Monte Carlo

After checking into the room, taking photos of the interior, rolling on the bed a while… I went for shower.. and then went to the lobby looking for food. Wanted to go out to find McD or something… but it was raining… So I went to the reception to ask if there were any food […]

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My room at Fairmont

After landing at the helipad at Monte Carlo, I was driven to the hotel to check in. I stayed at Fairmont Hotel. After checking in, I went to my room……. finally!!!!!!! after 15 hours of flightttttt…. Felt so relaxed and comfortable when I stepped into the room… ah… I see bed…. lol From this angle, […]

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Back from Men’sHealth NightRun

Today was supposed to be a POPCRAP day… but since I just came back from the night run… I think I should just put up a few photos first. So I joined the 11.5km night run organised by Men’s Health and Shape magazines, at Putrajaya just now. It’s 1.5km more than the previous KL Marathon […]

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