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Big Faces

Finally.. last post from Urbanscapes 09. We walked around the bazaar again to find some cheap deals… but don hav.. sad. lol So we decided to go for a drink at the indoor cafe and started taking photos of ourselves. 50mm rocks f1.7 rocks Alpha rocks then it was time to say goodbye to Urbanscapes…. […]

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More photos from Urbanscapes at KLPac! After camhoring at the Urbanscapes signage, we walked around and stumbled on this side of KLPac where they had band performances.. we stay for a while and took some photos. There was also a stand up comedy/story telling session. Damn a lot of ppl watching them… so we joined […]

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Urbanscapes J-J-Jump

Now let’s get back to our photos from Urbanscapes happened 3 months ago. After camhoring with the balloons, we went over to the little URBANSCAPES signage on the small little hill to camho again. My workmates… ah zoey ah mo and ah rong… I then jumped lor.. of course… [Remember to check out my JUMPILATION […]

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Jen’s Besday!

Hi allllllllllllllllllll I just came back from Jen’s bday dinner at Dave’s 1 Utama. Here are some shots from tonight. We got her all these…. Lacost shoe, Hello Kitty lamp and Black Cat vector. She damn like! Woot! hahaha It was our first time at Dave’s and we didnt know what was nice… now we […]

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Black Eyed Peas & Us

Another Sunday, another POPCRAP day. POPCRAP 1 We recently discovered this place in Bukit Jalil called Aroma Platter and they serve a lot of food like cantonese fried, sweet n sour fish rice, tiramisu, sizzling tofu etc. I ordered this braised beef rice. Not bad… about RM8-9. POPCRAP 2 Met up with Howard last week […]

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Arthur’s Day Celebration

Just came back from Arthur’s Day celebration concert thingy at Sunway Surf Beach featuring the Black Eyed Peas.. WOOOTTT!!! Tonight was definitely a good night! Group shot before entering… lets see if I can name them all.. (L-R: Me,Ewin, Caren, Mojosh, Kim, Mynjayz, Suetmei, CwKen, Nigel, AaronKee and another friend.) They organisers didnt allow dSLRs […]

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