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To the movie!

FUAHHHHHH I uploaded all these photos in less than 1 minute! Streamyx I love youuuuuu! Continuing from the previous post on The Nerds, it was time to go for movie! At the dinner with the nerds, I ordered this… one of my favourite. 😀 Camho one more time before leaving ahahahahha ONNEEEE MOREEEEE SHOTT! OK […]

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The new

Wassup people!!! I finally have the time to redesign my blog and here’s the new design! So we officially say goodbye to the previous grey theme “What Makes” … and say HELLOOO to “The One & Only smashin’ pOpstar”! What do you think of the new design? I’m in the midst up updating certain […]

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NY Haagen Birthday

POPCRAP 1 Just came back from ma buddy Dennis’s birthday party at his crib yo! His house was flooded with his friends from school, college and dance mates. 3 photos from just now. MORE in February. Ze bday boi and me All we did was chat chat camho camho. 😀 Group shot of everyone after […]

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Ninja Xmas Airmax

POPCRAP 1 Just came back from watching Ninja Assasins. It’s exactly like what I expected it to be so there were no surprises nor dissapointment. There was a lot of animated bloodshed and some gory scenes. Somehow I think Rain’s face is quite expressionless. lol. Overall I think its worth watching. I rate it 6.5/10. […]

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The Nerds

On the 9th of September, some of us went to 1 Utama for the screening of The Gamer. As usual, we went for dinner before movie. Below are photos of the nerds at the dinner. He studies nothing. He is called a nerd because he has written a book called “Jom lets go out” She […]

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