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REWIND: Oct 09

Alright now, its gonna be 2010 already… Let’s quickly finish the Rewind posts.. Chup chup! I was at the KL Marathon and I did 10km. Was my first run. Woot! LINK I was one of the Nike Ambassadors and there was this challenge where 2 groups of ppl must run as much as they can […]

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REWIND: September 09

It’s getting nearer! We have finally arrived in the month of September! Long long time ago, in September 09.. i blogged about… Shooting Estee n Joe at Desa Park City with Kinz, Ewin and Bryan LINK My Symbian blog organised a Search for N contest and 10 lucky winners won a Nokia N97 each. I […]

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REWIND: August 09

In August, I blogged about………. I ran 11km at the king fo the Road run woot! LINK Nice cars in Monte Carlo LINK Poken meetup at Bangsar! LINK First quality dinner at Monaco with medias and Nokia SG PR LINK First day at the Nokia Developer Summit LINK Was twitting LIVE from the summit in […]

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REWIND: July 09

Now let’s get back to our regular programme, REWIND.. this time around let’s look back at July 2009. On the 1st July, I blogged about my cousin’s pre wedding photos that I took for them I quite like this one.. simple and straight forward LINK I also posted photos of some of us at Fullhouse, […]

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Siao SecretSanta 09

Happy boxing day everyone! I just came back from the yearly Secret Santa dinner with Siao Gang. This time around, we had dinner at Palate Palette, Changkat Bukit Bintang. Some photos first… ok? The rest will be up in April 2010 ahahahah So we arrived at 7pm and had dinner til about 9+… The theme […]

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It’s snowing!

HO HO HO! How did you celebrate Christmas? Were you partying last night? Heh I just came back from Pavilion with Ampang Gang… went there to experience snowing and since it was ‘snowing’, we also went to eat at Snowflake! lol Some photos first… the rest will be up in April 2010. Bryan and I […]

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