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Hot & Cold In The Car

POPCRAP 1 Just came back from MidValley. Shot this just now. Very nice CNY deco this year. Click here or click on the photo to view larger version. POPCRAP 2 Random multishot we took in the car while going for lunch. It was Shawn’s last day at work so yea gbye Shawn! POPCRAP 3 This […]

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Nokia ‘Comes With Music’ Concert

WOOOOOT! Just came back from the Nokia concert featuring Boys Like Girls! It’s held to celebrate the launch of “Comes With Music” in Malaysia and also the new Nokia X6. No dSLRs allowed… damn sad… so all of us brought only digicams.. ahhaha This is a lite post. Detailed one will be up in April. […]

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BBQ Penguin Buffet Dinner

[Photo taken using Sony Alpha A550] After the GoKart session, we all went for our last stop for the day… Underwater World. Didnt take many photos there cos we were too busy doing the challenges.. ahahaah Anyways, at about 6pm we all got back to the hotel… phew… super tiring… While everyone was resting and […]

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Panning & GoKarting

[Photos taken using Sony Alpha A550] After cable car, we went go karting! Teams with the fastest times win rewards! Since we went on the track team by team, the rest had to stand at the side and cheer… ehhe Alex says “I WILL WIN! STOP ME N I WILL KILL YOU!” POP says “Albert! […]

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Entering the clouds

[[ Photos below were shot using the Sony Alpha A550 and WX1 Cybershot]] We are back again… to the Langkawi posts… ahahaa So after shooting at the famous eagle square, we went up the bus again and we were brought to this cable car place were we had to compete with each other to solve […]

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