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Woohoo Nian Gao!

POPCRAP 1 The CNY visiting gang went to Ewin’s house last night! Back row: Mynjayz, Me, Jon, Leonard, Bryan Front row: Yvonne, Ewin, YinXie) We had nian gao! MORE PHOTOS IN MAY! lol POPCRAP 2 Sookrong and me in the office with CNY colours lol POPCRAP 3 Both Ewin and my flash now has a […]

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Presents and Cards

Ok this is part 2 of Jacklyn and Eugene’s bday dinner at LaCasa. 2 more food shots Mine! This one damn nice… but a biiitt not enough lol Checkout their faces when they received the cards and presents! ehheeh Happy Birthday both of you! We sat next to a nice wall.. so we camho a […]

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Birthday @ LaCasa

3 months ago we celebrated Jacklyn and Eugene’s birthday at LaCasa, Desapark City. Photo taken using my phone. It was my first time here. They said the food was good… hmm Members of the SiaoGang After we all met, we realised that everyone was wearing either black or blue.. aha Some of the stuff we […]

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Mango Ice & Kiwi Ice

So after the Flyniversary event, we went to have desserts. We took a group shot before some of them left. Then we went for our mango lolo rice dumpling ice blended everything!… at this dessert shop.. erm.. forgot name lol We is enjoyz I ordered this. Not bad. love the sago at the bottom. They […]

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Bunkface @ Flyniversary

So after Ewin’s bday dinner, we went out of 1U for the Flyniversary event and when we arrived, Bunkface was about to perform. We quickly entered the media section and took some photos. Close up! Here’s a video I shot using my phone. NEXT UP! Desserts in 1U!

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Ewin’s Bday

3 months ago we celebrated Ewin’s birthday at NewYork NewYork Deli at 1Utama. He actually invited quite a lot of ppl.. but in the end only we turned up. ahaha… the rest all FFK We ordered burgers! Ewin and I shared a damn big one. How big is this giant burger? It’s THIS big, lol […]

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