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Oldtown Alamanda with Bloggers!

3 months ago Advertlets brought many of us bloggers to Alamanda Putrajaya for a day trip of free food, tour and fun under the sun. The day started with breakfast at Oldtown Alamanda at 9am. It was my first time meeting Bangsarbabe, who sat next to me the day. My candid shot failed when Rebecca […]

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P1 SocialMedia Night

After the Starbucks party, Bryan and I rushed over to Club TwentyOne in BSC for the P1 Social Media Night event. Was just there for 30 minutes, meeting some people and taking photos with them most of the time. lol Here goes ze pics! Entrance to the club. Josh, Jules, Derek n friends. Mike and […]

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The Hoodie Boys

More photos from the Starbucks Anniversary event took place 3 months ago! The Hoodie Boys! Me, Ewin, Niki, Bryan. lol. The hoodie outfit was planned. Wooh! Makan! Donuts! Swissrolls! Sandwiches! Free coffee! Chocolate cakes and many more! Met Wen Hou there… introduced him to Amrita. Woot! Buddies from Fly. Jules, Amrita and Ben. Towards the […]

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Starbucks Anniversary Party

So 3 months ago was Starbucks’ 11th anniversary and they invited many bloggers, twitterers and media to their party at the outlet at Tropicana City Mall. We arrived there and saw many ppl in ‘interesting’ outfit.. ahha cos the theme was ‘masquerade’, Check out the crowd outside the outlet yo! Taking photos… registering.. posing. etc […]

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Kido Daruma Winners!

Announcing the 4 winners for pOpday giveaway! Thanks everyone for joining and congrats to the 4 of you. Munster Spiderlily TianChad Remsal I will pick the colours for you ok. No requesting. ahah. Will email 4 of you n pass you the prizes soon. Thanks to Actioncity for the Kido Darumas and judging.

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