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Ironman 2 Screening + TGV Opening

Just came back from the screening of Iron Man 2 at the new TGV cinema in Wangsa Walk mall. Since not many have watched the movie yet, I shall not spoil it. Haha.. All I can say is that… there were very little action scenes… some effects were kinda fake-ish… but I like the funny […]

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It’s Snowing @ Pavilion

So after having Snowflake, the best thing to do was to see snow at the entrance of Pavilion. We rushed there at 8pm and the area between center court and entrance was already flooded with people. Saw people shouting their way in pushing through the crowd.. and the people inside were pushing their way outside. […]

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Snowflake On Christmas

On Christmas day… we were bored.. so we (Ampang Gang) decided to go to Pavilion for dinner, Snowflake and see snow…. (yes they had this artificial snow there throughout the 2 weeks around Christmas) We arrived at about 7pm… enough time to go makan Snowflake first before it snows at 8pm. So we went there […]

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